What We Know About MTV’s Revival of TRL

What We Know About MTV’s Revival of TRL

MTV has been shaking its roots lately with many hopes of revamping the network into the giant it was more than a decade ago. TRL, one of the most innovative shows at the time, is getting a reboot premiering on October 2. While the grown up fans of TRL are a bit confused by the news, many artists are excited about the new production that’s targeting a completely new challenge with today’s teen demographic. While people are generally nonchalant about the reboot, new MTV president Chris McCarthy promises us that this new TRL will be different from the show that we once came home to as kids.

It makes sense that the show will include a lot of social media integration, from having hosts from social media channels to having actual social media correspondents. Some of the social media stars that they’ve hired for the show includes Erik Zachary, Tamara Dhia, Lawrence Jackson, Amy Pham, Gabbie Hanna, Gigi Gorgeous, Eva Gutowski, and the Dolan twins. The main host will be social media star, D.C. Young Fly, a hugely different persona from the former host, Carson Daly.

The new show will be focusing on other teen passion points in addition to music. With the technology that’s available now to teens, something that we didn’t have back then, it’s impossible for the network to make the show all about the original idea of playing music per live audience requests. The easy availability of music today makes this impossible as well, so to keep everyone enticed, MTV has decided to add other features. It will also make use of other media platforms such as social videos and blog posts. There will also be a TRL show equivalent on the app Musical.ly every Mondays and Thursdays.

The goal of the reboot is essentially the same: to make TRL the destination for teens everywhere in the afternoon, not just on TV but also live streaming on phones, tablets, or computers. The show will still highlight the latest and top trending content that the audience will want to see. It’ll feature the diverse, fun, and exciting personality of social media content. There will still be a countdown of what’s trending, and there will be plenty of music. The show has actually acquired an impressive set of artists for the first week. These will include Demi Lovato, Noah Cyrus, Lil Uzi Vert, and many more. The very first show will feature Ed Sheeran and Migos along with Playboi Carti. Social-influencer stars will also play a large role in the show, as many of today’s youth have access to and are active on social media channels.

TRL has evolved to be more than just the music. It has turned into a one-stop shop for everything that’s trending in the social media world. Whether this is a good approach for the reboot or not, only time will tell. MTV will have to keep up with the fast pace of social media to be successful. The online world has already so much going on for it, and while it may seem like MTV is just trying to catch a ride, it might be a nice way to recap or tie it all in. Watch it every weekday at 3:30 p.m. to find out.

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