What We Know About the Atlantic City BeachFest So Far

The latest information on the Atlantic City BeachFest is that Sam Hunt will be performing in the first of several concert dates in 2018. Along with Hunt will be Kane Brown and Conner Smith. The BeachFest concerts will be held beginning July 1st, but tickets will be on sale March 2nd. Future concert dates and performers will be announced as soon as their availability is known. The BeachFest has a history of scheduling top notch acts. Previous country artists who have performed are

Blake Shelton and Lady Antebellum. Last year, the beach concert series featured Pink, Brantley Gilbert and Ruff Ryders. Sponsored by Live Nation as part of an agreement with the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, Live nation receives $6 million to sponsor the concerts over a three year period. They are also required to bring in a minimum of 30,000 attendees for each of six concerts to meet their contractual requirements.

There are several packages that are available for individual concert goers as well as package and corporate deals. Two of the available packages are the Boardwalk VIP package and the Surf Club VIP package. Both provide a private VIP entrance, On-Site VIP Concierge, and Private Full Service Cash Bar. Here are the other special amenities you get with the individual packages.

In addition to the above, the Boardwalk VIP Package has a special VIP food menu that is a step up from the regular attendees. Not only will you have access to a shaded VIP lounge, but you can see the concert from an elevated platform that looks down on the stage area. If things get really hot, there will be VIP air-conditioned comfort stations for your use. Finally, a commemorative lanyard and wristband will be given to each Boardwalk VIP.

The Surf Club VIP Package includes the basics VIP goodies listed above, but also gives you a VIP ONLY general admission to the Viewing Pit at the Front Right of the stage. When you get there you will be provided with VIP parking, and there will be access to the closest shaded VIP Lounge on the elevated platform that has a view of the stage. Also included is a complimentary appetizer station, commemorative lanyard and wristband, with Limited Edition merchandise available for purchase.

Which of these packages you choose will depend on whether you want to be in front of the performance or get the bird’s eye view. The perks are about the same, but you do get treated better with the Surf Club package it seems. If you are there for the music, you probably want the Boardwalk VIP, but if you are there for the experience, the Surf Club VIP package is your best option.

Presale tickets are available until the end of the day on March 1st from the following groups:

  • Citi Cardmember Presale
  • Sam Hunt Fan Club Presale
  • Kane Brown Fan Club Presale
  • Live Nation Mobile App Presale
  • Meet AC Presale
  • Live Nation Presale
  • AC Chamber Presale
  • WXTU Presale
  • Radio Presale
  • Boardwalk Hall Presale

Tickets also can be bought through Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000.

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