What We Know about Animated Series “Krosh and Panda” So Far

What We Know about Animated Series “Krosh and Panda” So Far

For the first time ever, China and Russia are coming together to make a children’s animation series. The collaborating teams are the Russian ‘Kikori’ animation series producers and CCTV Animation from China. The series will focus on two main characters; A rabbit call Krosh and a panda who is rather unimaginatively called Panda. This is the first project since the governments of China and Russia made an agreement regarding the production of films between the two countries. Other than the countries involved, what else do we know about the new animation series, ‘Krosh and Panda’?

The Aims

In press releases about this collaboration, there are clear shared aims for this project. The intention is to bring together the most popular animated characters from China and Russia. They want the animation to become symbolic of the strengthening and development in the two countries. Another aim is for the animation to express the art and culture of Russia and China. Hopefully, this will help to attract large viewing figures to the animation in both countries.

The Plan for Production

The plan is that both countries will be equally involved in the production. The Russian team is taking care of the creative elements of the series. These include the script, the locations, and the characters. The Chinese team, on the other hand, will concentrate their efforts on the animation of the series. Both parties will work equally on post production.

The teams are working together to produce 12 episodes that are each 52 minute in length. The animation will be in a 3D CGD format. It is planned that production of the series will be completed within an 18-month timescale. Both parties have signed an agreement regarding the plan for production. The series will be shown weekly in both countries and in their respective languages. In the future, the teams plan to translate this series into English for release in many other countries across the world.

About Riki

Riki Productions Group develops educational media and entertainment for all ages but specializes in animations. The company is based in St. Petersburg. Riki is the animation team responsible for the creation of the Kikoriki franchise. In Russia, this is called ‘Smeshariki. The franchise has been adapted in countries including the United States, the UK, and Germany. Shout! Factory, a Los Angeles-based distribution company picked up the rights for North American distribution rights to the animation franchise in September 2016.

About CCTV Animation

CCTV- Shinko Animation is a pay channel that is owned by China Central Television. This channel specializes in youth-oriented programs and animation content. Some of the top animations shown on this channel include ‘The Legend of Huainanzi’, ‘Xi You Ji’, and ‘Wei Qi Shao Nian’.

What to Expect From ‘Krosh and Panda’

With such experienced animation teams working on ‘Krosh and Panda’, this new animated television series looks set to become successful in both Russia and China. It should provide viewers with good fun and family entertainment that will appeal to a wide group of viewers, from children to animation fans.

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