King Shark Gets His Own Trailer in Honor of Shark Week

King Shark Gets His Own Trailer in Honor of Shark Week

Deep Blue Sea showed the dangers of a shark with an enlarged and more complex brain, three of them in fact, but Suicide Squad is showing us a descendant of a shark god with at least something akin to brains since he’s not a mindless eating machine. With Shark Week already underway and Suicide Squad not too far off, it’s pretty easy to see why one of the movie’s more noticeable characters is being highlighted since he’s definitely an attraction worthy of notice given that he kind of makes Killer Croc look like a big human with a severe skin condition.  Voiced by Sylvester Stallone, the character of King Shark isn’t the smartest in the group, but he’s definitely one of the strongest and durable since the guy is a humanoid shark, that’s kind of all that needs to be said, but with Shark Week in full effect it’s definitely worth bringing him up since next to Jaws he’s likely one of the more famous sharks in pop culture. There are plenty of others that could be named no doubt, but King Shark is one that’s been around for a while, even if his presence has been limited to comics and animated series.

There’s something uniquely terrifying about turning a shark into a humanoid character since in the water they’re terrifying enough, but putting that kind of instinct and killing potential into a being with legs and hands that can operate on land as well as in the water is, well, horrifying. Give this character a taste for human flesh, something that normal sharks don’t really have, and it’s even worse since he’ll feed and feed and then feed some more since his appetite appears to be rather constant. But then, turn him into a villain, or at least someone that’s perceived as a villain, and things get even worse since an intelligent, okay kind of intelligent humanoid shark, that eats all the time is bound to be a little troubling to most people.

But what makes him fairly terrifying also makes King Shark kind of a cool character since there aren’t a lot of creatures like him in the DC comics, at least none that have reached the same level of notoriety as he has, and his size and voracious appetite are bound to be a serious boon for his companions, so long as he remembers the rule of not eating his friends. Hey, what’s a hungry shark humanoid supposed to do? It does feel as though he’s kind of a token character though since the last Suicide Squad had its own monstrous companion in Killer Croc, and now here comes King Shark in the next version. It’s pretty cool to see him honestly, but at the same time, it feels as though the squad simply needed a personality that definitely wasn’t human but wasn’t entirely a beast either. The CGI work on King Shark already looks pretty cool since the trailers likely already have plenty of people getting ready to see the movie on August 6th when it comes out.

It’s definitely cool to see King Shark getting more attention, and it might even be a hope that he’ll be one of the characters that manage to survive the scuffle to come. But Gunn and others have made it clear that people might not be happy with who gets taken out in this version since apparently there’s no telling who’s going to get taken out, but the fact is that people will be dying in this movie. The name kind of implies that not everyone is going to make it, especially given that a lot of bad guys don’t really enjoy teaming up with one another even under the best of conditions, which a Suicide Squad movie isn’t bound to encounter if anyone’s keeping track. But with a group of baddies that don’t really have a choice when it comes to working together, it’s fair to say that they’ll do their best to find some sort of common ground. For King Shark, that might be the fact that he could get to eat the people they’re after, so long as it doesn’t jeopardize the mission.

Already this character sounds like he’ll be a fun individual to watch since it does appear that he’s going to get hungry a time or two during the mission and might chomp on the nearest enemy he can find while making it a point to not chomp on allies, or friends as he calls them. And if he can differentiate his hand from the rest of his body then he should be doing pretty good. There’s definitely bound to be plenty of comedy to go along with the action in this movie since the cast of characters that are being featured already makes it sound as though people will be getting a good chuckle.

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