Jumper TV Reboot in Development with Jamie Bell

Jumper TV Reboot in Development with Jamie Bell

Jumper TV Reboot in Development with Jamie Bell

Numbers wise is the only way you could call Jumper a success. There were some decent effects in it and the story wasn’t too bad, but the main problem was the lead actor. Maybe now that Jamie Bell is going to take over in a Jumper TV reboot things will get better. So long as Hayden Christensen doesn’t come near the set things should be okay. His time as a jumper wasn’t one hundred percent horrible but unless he takes a few acting lessons it would be best to leave him out of the project entirely.

Jamie Bell has proven that he knows how to act and how to make film or a show interesting. His role in the original Jumper was a lot more believable than Hayden’s largely because he was more into it. Bell seemed to embrace the chaotic whims of his character where Christensen just acted lost and confused the entire time. You would think a guy that had been jumping in and out of places all his life would finally learn something about the world, and especially about those that might be hunting him.

That’s what happens when you remain oblivious to the ways of the world I suppose, but Bell’s character never had that problem. Griffin still wasn’t a stable individual by any means, but he was at least honest with himself no matter how bad he got. He wanted the paladins gone and off his trail no matter how unlikely that would be, and he was willing to go all out to make it happen. But maybe he went just a little too far.

Griffin was ready annihilate the paladin order, which in truth would have made him just as bad as they are or even worse. Being forced to deal with the death of his parents at a very young age thanks to the paladins didn’t do Griffin any favors. He grew up alone, bitter, and ready to kill at any moment to keep himself alive. And yet he watched David for a time once he realized who he was, or what he was. He didn’t engage right away, but he didn’t seem overly aggressive either.

Bell’s character was calculating right up until the moment when he wanted a little action. Then it was all hands on deck and the crazy came out without hesitation. In the arena when he finally revealed himself he showed that he had his ability well under control and was able to use it against the paladins to great effect. In fact it’s safe to say that he might not be a stronger jumper than David but he’s without a doubt much wiser and far more cunning. Who knows, if David was willing to learn and Christensen was willing to take those acting lessons it might be feasible for Griffin and David to meet again. But I wouldn’t hold my breath for it.

The Jumper TV reboot should at least be interesting to watch, so long as it’s just Jamie Bell starring.


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