Everything We Know about The Flash Season 6 So Far

Everything We Know about The Flash Season 6 So Far

Wally West

Thus far what we know about The Flash season 6 is something that will keep a lot of people happy since not only will Tom Cavanagh be making a return as Pariah, but Keiynan Lonsdale will be returning as Kid Flash as well. As a lot of fans already know and John Atkinson of ScreenRant would agree with, a lot of people came to enjoy Lonsdale’s character since he was kind of at odds with several characters at first but did eventually become part of the group. It did seem that he stepped away from the Arrowverse for a while though as the character seemed to need to find himself in a way, but thankfully he’ll be making a return and will likely be integral to the season.

Thus far the Flash in the Arrowverse has been much more successful than the ill-fated appearance in the DCEU movies, though one can’t blame Ezra Miller for this since he’s done his absolute best with the material they’ve given him. Those selected for the Flash TV show have been nothing short of great since people have been clambering to watch each and every season, especially since the crossovers and the emergence of different villains heroes have made the show even more appealing given that the Flash has plenty of his own villains, but has for a long time been the kind of hero that is definitely more fun when he’s inclusive of other heroes. Some people might want to argue with this but quite honestly the Flash is the type of hero that does have his own thing going on, but for some reason kind of needs the addition of other characters to really round out his own story. A guy that is brilliant, can run extremely fast, and as a result can do several other things related to his super speed is all well and good, but his power set is limited to speed-related feats that tend to need something and someone else to supplement them.

That’s a big reason why the Flash is someone that can carry his own series with a bit of help, but from time to time really benefits from a crossover here and there. His time with Arrow and the other DC heroes has helped to keep this show running in a big way since the past attempts at a Flash TV show seem to have kind of flopped when no other heroes were introduced. Again, this can be argued since there are other reasons why the earlier versions didn’t really work that well, but once Flash started incorporating other DC characters it really seemed to take off and become an event that people wanted to flock to. Also, bringing in other versions of the Flash and the Speed Force really heightened the desirability of this show immensely throughout the years, and the fact that it’s still around and might be for a few more seasons at least, as Abby Robinson and Sam Ashurst of Digital Spy seem to think.

The fact that it’s still around at this point is impressive but not too surprising since people have been entertained and inspired by the show thus far and are hooked in a way that demands more and more as the seasons continue to roll on. What’s great with a comic book series is that there are plenty of different story lines to enact and more than a few villains and heroes to bring on the show when it’s really needed. The Flash is one of those shows that seems, in some way, a program that can be used to showcase several different characters from other shows while still retaining its own sense of identity, and even being allowed to cross over into other shows as a part of a bigger story line. This is a big up for the DC universe since when it comes to TV they’re definitely edging out the MCU in a big way considering that they have heroes that people are willing to watch and root for and have developed stronger plot lines that haven’t gone by the wayside or had to endure any serious amount of criticism such as Iron Fist, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and even Luke Cage have. For some reason, the MCU simply hasn’t been dominant when it comes to TV, though this balances out of course since the DCEU hasn’t really been killing it when it comes to the big screen.

The Flash season 6 will be making its way back to the small screen this coming October is sounds like and already people are psyched to see what’s going to happen and how the story will continue to develop as Kid Flash returns. You can imagine that the story is going to become more intense as it goes along, and people are going to be watching expectantly.

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