Joss Whedon Might Not Be Able to Get a Subway Sandwich For Now

Snyder Cut

Is it me, or is the pettiness level continually rising in the world? Hopefully Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb and others would agree that even if the Snyder cut does come out it’s not going to make much of a difference to anyone but the most diehard of Snyder fans, not necessarily DC fans. Whether it’s a joke or not the idea of Subway banning Joss Whedon for life, heavens forbid, for not releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League is kind of nuts considering that Justice League was, like it or not, a hastily-drawn together movie, and releasing a 3+ hour cut that’s not likely to make much of a difference is about as nonsensical as it gets at this point. The movie was a walking dumpster fire and there are numerous reasons that people have cited since its release, not the least of which is that it was rushed as DC has, whether they admit it or not, been trying to keep up with the success of the MCU. DC has come a long way, that’s for certain, and they’ve definitely been more dominant on TV, but when it comes to their movie success they’ve been dependent on two out of their many heroes for so long that it almost feels that they’ve forgotten that there’s an entire roster of heroes and villains to pull from that could raise the entire universe to prominence if they would just take-their-time. Competing with the MCU, or trying to, was one of the first worst ideas, but rushing in response to the Avengers movie and trying to slap together a unified hero movie was DC’s next big mistake since despite what the box office numbers say Snyder’s shadow-laden attempt at a superhero team-up movie was DOA despite the financial success.

This issue with Subway spear-heading the Snyder cut and it’s release, which was eventually followed by Ben Affleck once he was made aware of the situation and then the rest of the cast is kind of amusing really since it brings to light the idea that in the opinion of some, more is more, when in truth when it comes to this movie more is way too much. In this case the least amount we were given was so sloppily done that it felt as though the movie was coming apart at the seams before it ever really took off, and yes, the CGI mess that was Henry Cavill’s upper lip was just unnerving to say the least. But a new and longer cut of this movie isn’t going to solve much apart from reminding people that a lot of material was in fact cut out and it could be that there’s a pretty good reason for it, not the least of which would be the run time, which was hard enough to deal with when Avengers: Endgame was released with a longer than usual run time. Zack Sharf of IndieWire has more to offer on the subject. Subjecting people to more of this movie was a bad idea from the start, and one that thankfully was prevented so that it could end at some point without dragging the audience through more and more exposition that didn’t really solve anything.

The issue of the Snyder cut being released is another example of fans wanting something simply because they believe it’s a balm to what they already received, basically a cure to what Kayleigh Dondaldson of Screenrant calls a ‘Frankenstein’s monster of a movie’, which is quite apt. So many fans are adamant that the Snyder cut would vindicate their idea of what the Justice League should have looked like that the petitions to release it have been flying fast and thick and the signatures have been sticking like flies as more and more people have decided that there is some value in trying to get the release of the Snyder cut. Subway chiming in as they have is one more reason why a lot of people now feel vindicated and empowered since to be fair having an entity as big as this in agreement is enough to embolden a lot of people. What’s kind of ridiculous really is anyone saying that a man, Joss Whedon in this case, would be unable to get served in a Subway restaurant for doing his job essentially, a job he was brought on to do when Snyder had to step away for an unfortunate family tragedy. In essence people are down on Whedon because he did what he was hired on to do and therefore managed to ruin their dreams somehow despite the fact that the Justice League movie was a nightmare before it was ever released. Many of those that are petitioning to see the Snyder cut released are likely those that hold firm in their belief that somehow, some way, the unseen and unreleased cut would be better. Maybe it should get a release, just to let them see that it either doesn’t exist, or wouldn’t be as great as they’ve built it up to be.

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