10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joshua Gross

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joshua Gross

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Joshua Gross

Sophie Monk is ready to get married. The former “Love Island,” host is not trying to keep her feelings to herself, either. She’s been making it very clear for some time that she wants boyfriend Joshua Gross to propose to her, and that he better get to it quickly and soon. She’s hinting, she’s making actual outspoken comments about it, and she’s talking to the press about it. He has to be in a very uncomfortable situation during all of this, and it makes us want to know everything about him.

1. He’s In Medical Sales

Or supply? We aren’t entirely sure, nor do we really know the difference what with not being even remotely engaged in the medical field in any capacity. However, he’s definitely a medical supply executive, and that might mean he’s in sales or just works with supplies. Either way, he’s in the medical field – though not as a doctor.

2. He Met His Lady Love on A Plane

They were both on an international flight in 2018 when they met. They seemed to hit it off right away because he took her out and had a great time in LA when they landed. They’ve been together since. However, she seems to be a little bit more into him than he is into her if her words mean anything. She’s made it clear she wants marriage and family, and that she is not traditional so she would ask him to marry her…but she’s afraid he might say no.

3. He’s Sweet to His Lady Love

While she’s been on a mandatory 14-day quarantine in a hotel room, he’s been visiting her. They can’t be together, but he’s done his best. He sits outside and has coffee in the grass while she stands on her balcony and they can see one another while they speak. You have to do what you have to do, we suppose.

4. Could He Be A Dad Soon?

There are a few rumors going around that this couple is looking to have a baby even though they are not married. Some friends made the announcement during the biggest portion of lockdown in 2020 saying that they aren’t getting any younger and the couple would not be upset if there was an isolation baby in the works.

5. He Didn’t Know His Love Was On Television

She was recently unmasked as the Dragonfly on the “Masked Singer,” and he had no idea it was the woman he loves. She kept this from him and everyone else she knows for six solid weeks. She felt terrible about lying for so long, but she really thought she would only be forced to do it for a few days or a week or so.

6. He’s the Sensible One

His girlfriend calls him the one with the sense. She says he would have to be the strict parent and the one who makes the best decisions because that would not be her. We have a feeling this makes him the level-headed one in the family, and we think that seems good for them to be different and work well together.

7. He’s Done with America

He’s Australian, but he’s been living in America as an executive for some time. When they met on their international flight, they had a long-distance situation for some time. That worked out well for them for the time being, but he’s since moved into her Gold Coast home with her, and they are happier than ever.

8. They’re Dealing with IVF

She’s frozen her eggs (that was approximately 2 years ago, however) and there is some talk of IVF in their future. We are not entirely sure that they are doing it right now, but there is a chance that they might make this decision. She’s in her 40s now, and we all know that becoming pregnant at a certain age becomes more difficult, and having a healthy and safe pregnancy becomes more difficult, too. We’d not be surprised if they have a baby soon.

9. He’s a Private Man

This is a man who does not like to share too much of his personal life with the world. He does share photos and some things, but he mostly keeps to himself. He does not need the world to know every single thing about him, and that is always a good quality to have as a person.

10. He Loves His Lady Love’s Voice

Now that we’ve all had a chance to hear her singing under her mask, we can all see why. However, he didn’t even get to hear it until she was on television. He knew she could sing, but she didn’t do it at home. He wants her to bring her voice home and use it more often now that she’s shared it with him and the rest of the world.

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