Why Was Josh Brolin Cut out of Suburbicon?

Why Was Josh Brolin Cut out of Suburbicon?

Telling an actor that their scenes have been cut out of a movie entirely when there weren’t that many with them to begin with has to be kind of difficult. Worse still, when it’s a big-time celebrity like Josh Brolin it has to sting a little as the director to have to tell this wonderful actor that his parts just aren’t going to be making it into the final cut. But despite that, George Clooney had to bite the bullet and do what he could to ease the blow. Cutting Josh Brolin out of Suburbicon wasn’t something Clooney wanted to do, but upon looking at the scenes a little closer he realized that he didn’t have a lot of choice.

The upcoming film is, as Clooney has admitted, not a comedy in any way. It’s supposed to be dark, angry, and not at inclined towards comedy. There might be a few moments in the film where a person might laugh at something that seems a little absurd, but overall the film is supposed to be a very serious piece.

The issue came when Clooney realized that Brolin’s parts, despite his great acting, were designed to be more comical than serious. That presented a problem since the film felt a little disjointed once it encountered the scenes in which Brolin played a part. It doesn’t pay to include a few hints of obvious comedy into a rather dark film. This can send the movie careening off the rails and act as a giant tease for viewers as they’ll be looking for comedic bits throughout the rest of the movie. Eventually this takes away from the main focus and thus the movie experience is altered in a way that will make people think less of the movie or not understand the main point.

In other words it really messes up the movie to put something that has no place into a few scenes and then ditch it completely. Many films have tried this and just as many have suffered for since the disconnect between the scenes in the film don’t ever seem to add up completely.

It’s not like Josh Brolin is hurting for roles though. He’s been fairly busy for a while now, what with his upcoming role as Cable in Deadpool 2, we’re hoping, and even his role in Sicario along side Benecio del Toro and Emily Blunt. He’s been putting in stellar performances for a lot of years even if he’s had to be in poorly made movies to do it. Brolin has definitely earned his way back into stardom and it’s more than apparent that he doesn’t plan on going anywhere for a while.

One can only hope that there weren’t any hard feelings between Clooney and Brolin over this, but somehow I get the feeling that Brolin is simply looking towards his next project whether he’s upset or not. Suburbicon would have been more of a shortened role for him anyway, and there are a lot of other roles he could take on in the coming years that will give him more exposure.


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