Unveiling Joseph Quinn: The Man Behind Eddie in Stranger Things

Unveiling Joseph Quinn: The Man Behind Eddie in Stranger Things
Unveiling Joseph Quinn: The Man Behind Eddie in Stranger Things

It’s safe to say that Stranger Things has done its part in bringing several stars to the limelight. One such star is none other than Joseph Quinn. Sure, he was already on the scene since 2011, but it wasn’t until 2015 that he started to see the rewards of his labor. The star was cast as Arthur Havisham in the TV series Dickensian.

It wasn’t long until he established himself as a well-known face on TV. Thanks to his charm and all-around prowess, he landed his breakout role in Stranger Things. With that in mind, here is a closer look at the man behind the role of Eddie on the Netflix original.

1. Joseph Quinn Fell In Love With Acting When He Was Young

Joseph Quinn

Not many people have unbridled clarity on what they want to do when they grow up. But in Quinn’s case, he knew from quite a young age what he was going to do later in life. Acting had always had a strong fascination for him. In fact, he took part in several school productions during his childhood. It did not take him very long to conclude that he had found his calling.

2. He Gets His Scouse Accent From His Mum

As Joseph Quinn, the actor pulls off an American accent with admirable ease. In fact, it was a surprise to most who later found out that he was British. Even more, he doesn’t only speak with your run-of-the-mill English accent. During the promotional tour for Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn has given several interviews showcasing his knack for imitating numerous accents. One of the most distinct accents he pulls off is the Scouse or Liverpudlian accent. On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, he read Eddie’s opening monologue, and he drew a laugh from the audience during the accent test when “Liverpool” came up on the screen. He later explained saying, “My mum’s from Liverpool, and she sounds exactly like that.”

3. He Appeared In A Game Of Thrones Episode

Unveiling Joseph Quinn: The Man Behind Eddie in Stranger Things

While he was not a big name in the popular HBO series Game Of Thrones, Quinn actually appeared in it. He follows in the footsteps of other performers like Pedro Pascal and Hannah Waddingham, who were on the show for a limited amount of time before making it big. Quinn played the role of Koner, a guard at the entrance to Winterfell who refuses to let Arya Stark through. Altogether, his debut on Game of Thrones, which lasted a whole two minutes, showcased his acting range both in acting skills and in terms of his accent.

4. Joseph Quinn Is Quite Fashion Savvy

The fashion and entertainment industries have always walked hand in hand — and for good reason, too. Moat actors possess a certain creative flair that also lends itself to bold designs and a keen sense of style. Quinn, for instance, takes great pleasure in conveying aspects of his personality through his clothes and has turned a few heads in his time.

5. He Has No Interest In Social Media

Joseph Quinn 2

As a celebrity, having a social presence is almost a must. But every now and then, an oddball like Joseph Quinn comes along. He does not have any official profiles on any of the major social media platforms and doesn’t mind at all. In an interview, he explained, “I don’t have Facebook. I used to have it, but I found that I spent all of my time looking at other people’s lives. I don’t use Instagram either because I believe it places too much emphasis on visual content and undermines the significance of words. Even though I have a Twitter account, I wouldn’t classify my use of the platform as professional because I don’t use it to market myself online. It’s a handy tool for keeping up with the latest news and finding out what other people are doing… I won’t be taking that train at this time. I suppose that it makes it easier for people to converse with one another as well.”

6. He Has Always Considered Eddie’s Hairdo A Bit “Ridiculous”

Unveiling Joseph Quinn: The Man Behind Eddie in Stranger Things

On the show Stranger Things, most characters have some sort of physical or behavioral trait that makes them stand out. In Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Munson’s case, it’s his hair. His long and disheveled hairstyle is somewhat of an ode to the 1980s. In actuality, Quinn did not have his hair styled that way, he wore a wig for his scenes. His hair was such a statement piece that it had its own name — The Beast. In Quinn’s words, “It is ludicrous. It’s been a benefit in that regard because when I take it off, I’m less likely to be recognized than I would be otherwise.”

7. Joseph Quinn Desperately Wants To Star In “The Lord Of The Rings”

Believe it or not, every actor most likely has that film or show they’d absolutely love to star in. For Quinn, it’s none other than The Lord of The Rings. It’s safe to say he has a nerdy side and is not afraid to tap into it. Throughout Eddie’s presence on the show, he makes several references to The Lord of The Rings and, at one point, refers to the Upside Down as Mordor. During an interview, he was questioned about his dream role, and his answer was “Every single character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.” The actor may achieve his dream now that a new The Lord of the Rings series is about to be released.

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