Joker Fights Negan to the Death in Super Power Beatdown

Joker Fights Negan to the Death in Super Power Beatdown

The Joker vs. Negan from The Walking Dead. Who’ve you got as the winner in the Super Power Beat Down? This fight is perhaps one of the most epic and bound to be underrated among fans since it’s featuring two of the most iconic bad guys that have ever been created. In one corner you’ve got Negan, who’s just bad as they come and doesn’t mind letting everyone know. He and Lucille have taken more than their share of lives in pursuing his dream of being at the top of his game and staying there for a long, long time. He’s been ruthless as well as charming and would no doubt be thinking of taking Harley Quinn as one of his wives should he win. Yeah, not a good idea Negan, she’s a little more than you could handle. In fact she’s a little too much for anyone that’s not named the Joker.

The Joker on the other hand is just nuts. That’s all that really needs to be said but I’ll gladly say more. He’s been tangling with guys worse than Negan for so long that he’s become virtually immune to the kind of beatdown that Negan can deliver and is bound to get back up since it takes so much to keep him down. Negan hasn’t met someone like the Joker before and while he’s very tough he’s not the Batman, which means his odds of winning aren’t that great. In the universe of The Walking Dead he’s one of the toughest guys around because he’ll go megaton without being prompted and it’ll happen when someone’s looking the other way or if he’s looking them right in the eye. He just doesn’t care, he’ll attack when he’s good and ready.

However, the Joker is even worse than that. He’ll attack and do so with such reckless abandon that he doesn’t just throw caution to the wind, he chucks it off the top of a skyscraper with a bomb attached to it ready to blow. He also doesn’t fight fair, meaning that if Negan agrees to any terms he’s bound to be double-crossed almost immediately. Negan is bigger, but he’s not meaner. He might have a mean streak a mile wide but Joker is unpredictable, crazy, and doesn’t much care if he takes a beating so long as he gets to dish out some pain of his own. I’d hate to offend Walking Dead fans because I am one, but I don’t see Negan walking away from this unless a stalemate is reached.

I’m not going to offer any spoilers about this clip because it’ll be fun to watch it without getting any hint of what’s about to happen. Let’s just say that Joker has gone toe to toe with some of the toughest, non-super-powered individuals and somehow come out on top, so Negan, being really no more than a thug with a barbed-wire bat and a very aggressive side, isn’t much by comparison. My prediction is that the Joker gets the hell beat out of him but still comes back with a trick or two up his sleeve to make sure Negan isn’t the last man standing.

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