John Noble is the Most Talented Actor on Television

When the Golden Globe nominees were announced a few days ago, I wasn’t expecting to see John Noble’s name anywhere. Not only are the Globes notorious for their questionable decisions, but Noble hadn’t been nominated for an Emmy or any other major award — so why would things change now? When the SAG nominations were released today, I still wasn’t expecting to see John Noble listed anywhere. But despite my expectations, I still felt frustration. How could Noble’s peers not recognize him for his incredible work on Fringe? HOW?!

I wouldn’t expect the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a group of journalists from around the world (the group responsible for the Golden Globes) to get it right, but when actors fail to acknowledge the brilliance of their fellow actors, it’s slightly baffling. I keep trying to tell myself that they are just award shows — arbitrary, illogical ceremonies that often get more wrong than they get right — and yet I can’t seem to shake this frustration. I’m beginning to consider that these award shows may have a secret ‘vagenda.’

That is why I am officially deeming John Noble to be the most talented actor on television. My opinion might not mean much to a lot of people, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve done it. It’s been deemed. No award show can take that away from me.

Noble’s skills do not need to be validated. Every fan of the show is keenly aware of how talented he is. Most television critics, bloggers, podcasters, and almost everyone else in the entertainment industry are aware of it too. It seems like the people who run these award shows are also the only people who time and again fail to give Noble the credit he deserves. I understand how difficult nominations can be sometimes. There is a ton of talent in Hollywood and only a few spots that can be filled by all that talent. But like I said, Noble is the most talented. The best. Shouldn’t the best be at least, you know, nominated?

Noble is currently playing two versions of himself on Fringe. One is our beloved Walter Bishop — the gifted and clever scientist trying to adjust to life outside of a mental institution and aiming to steady his complex relationship with his son Peter, all while coming to terms with some of the scientific monstrosities he created before losing his mind. The other is ‘Walternate’— a bitter, broken, vengeful shell of a man who happens to be the Secretary of Defense in his world (and quite reminiscent of Noble’s portrayal of Denethor in The Return of the King, I hope I wasn’t the only LOTR geek who noticed the similarities). Noble’s performance as Walter Bishop throughout the first two seasons was equally as impressive, but now he is doing it twice. Simultaneously. His work in season three is drawing much deserved comparisons to Terry O’Quinn’s dual roles in the final season of LOST. The only difference is, O’Quinn was nominated for pretty much every award in existence. What about Mr. Noble?

I can’t explain Noble’s perpetual snubbing from the award world. I honestly can’t. I know there tends to be an anti-science fiction bias to these things, but is that all? Is there nothing else to it? I don’t know. Maybe the day will come when Noble is finally given the recognition he deserves, and I’ll quit my complaining. Until then, I’ll continue to pretend to not care about award shows but cry a single tear of disappointment whenever Noble is not nominated to one. John, the awards might not know your brilliance, but the fans do. And nothing can ever change that.

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