John Boyega Discusses Star Wars While Eating Extremely Hot Sauce

Boyega Hot Ones

How you could talk about much of anything while trying not to focus on the burning piece of your mouth that used to be your tongue is kind of amazing. Initially he wasn’t really affected as the wings didn’t take much of an effect until he started going with hotter and hotter sauces. Once the level of heat started getting a little more serious he started to feel it, and talking became just a little harder. Some folks have some serious resistance to spicy food, while others might eat a chip with salsa on it and be suffering for the next few days. Where you come from and what cuisine you’re used to does have something to do with it since John Boyega obviously has a very high tolerance for spice. The confidence that he exhibits while going through this wing challenge is impressive really, but the fact that he’s able to keep speaking like a regular person is even more so. As the level rises though he begins to feel it and you can see the impact on his face as the spice really begins to kick in.

One interesting thing about Boyega, about most of the cast actually, is that they’ve been given a great responsibility upon being selected for the Star Wars franchise and for the most part, no matter what people want to say, they’ve done a great job. John, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver have been given a great chance to up their game become part of a story that has been iconic for decades. There are quite a few fans that would claim that The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi have taken the franchise and ruined it, and I’ve had my own time to speak as well. There are certainly elements that one would like to see removed and ideas that might have been done quite a bit differently but the story itself has moved forward, albeit in a less than desired way. Had the expanded universe that was created after the original trilogy been used there still could have easily been a place for Finn, Rey, and Kylo Ren, though things would have been different obviously and the story might not have included them right away. Completely scrapping what was already there to be used by stating that it was no longer canon and had massive continuity issues (yeah, because the new trilogy didn’t at all right?) was a very easy and lazy way to go about things. How it stands now is that the main characters are believable enough and have given the story a new direction, but at the expense of everything that’s come before. It’s very easy to give credit to those that have helped to make the movie what it is at this point, but the disappointment is going to continue for some time to come it would seem.

Once Boyega hits the level of heat in this video that finally makes him pay attention it’s a little bit funny since he can’t help but catch his breath and pause every now and then as he continues to speak. Focusing on what he’s saying and even doing becomes difficult at some point since he forgets about the excess sauce he’s been wiping on his napkin and wipes his nose with it, which likely invites a whole new level of pain to his sinuses as the smell along is bound to be kind of difficult to handle when it goes up the ol’ nasal cavity. Let’s be honest, at least a good number of us have done something like this in the past, forgetting what’s on the napkin we’ve been using and then wiping it all over our faces, right? No? Oh well. He was definitely game for a good number of wings and could talk without much trouble until the heat was cranked up, at which point his boasting became a running narrative of just how much pain his mouth was in at that time. You can almost feel sorry for him until you remember, in a good-natured way, that he was boasting that he didn’t feel anything to begin with for several wings. So really, seeing him in discomfort isn’t satisfying but it is kind of funny after the way he started out.

With the Rise of Skywalker coming up very soon it’s a big hope that the final movie in this trilogy will round things out nicely and make up for whatever discontent has been felt by the fans throughout the last several years, but some aren’t keeping their expectations all that high just yet. John is no doubt proud of what he’s done and he should be since he stepped onto a stage that carried a great deal of responsibility and risk with it, and he’s done admirably. But one thing anyone should think about when sitting down to a hot wings challenge is this: don’t get cocky.John Boyega

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