Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Jing Tian

For the last 10 years it’s been said that Jing Tian has been on a tear in Hollywood making her way quickly up the ranks. That might be so in some cases but to date she still hasn’t done a lot, and what she has done has been in films that for the most part are great when it comes to their star power and their effects, but have yet to really break that barrier when it comes to getting people recognized for their efforts. She’s been solid in her roles and has been one of the best supporting actors possible but let’s face facts, she’s in need of a way to step up her game just a bit in order to really shine as a member of any movie that’s going to elevate her into the roles that she might want later on.

There’s no disrespect towards the woman, she’s holding her own and more with some of the best and most renowned actors in Hollywood when it comes to playing her part. In fact the only reason why she might not have been noticed quite as much as she should be is that the movies she’s been in have not been as well received as the directors and producers wanted. It’s very hard to notice anyone other than those that have been around for a while when the movie is considered to be not all that great. Of course there are the opinions that some of those movies were wonderful in many ways but lacked in some areas that could have been improved upon. But as far as Jing Tian goes the only issue she seems to have is starring in movies that haven’t yet taken full advantage of just what she can do.

That can be an impediment for anyone.

5. She’s won a few awards, a couple that some people might not want.

She’s won a Hollywood International Award and she’s won two times for Most Disappointing Actress. The latter seems like a cruel joke, like the Razzies, and something that a person shouldn’t actually be pining for. But one of those, taken from the movie The Great Wall, seems pretty unfair for the most part since the entire film wasn’t all that great and there were more actors in it that really didn’t seem to be doing much other than phoning the part in. Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe were seemingly less than enthusiastic about their parts and they’re well-renowned stars that probably got through the movie unscathed. Unfortunately it was probably easier to target a woman that hasn’t been on the scene for nearly as long.

4. Her filmography isn’t that extensive yet.

She’s been in the game since 2008 and has been busy enough trying to establish a reputation, but even so there are a lot of actors out there and the competition is fierce. Chances are we’ll continue to see her rise since she’s been in a few of the more noted films of the last decade, but things are going to have to change if she really wants to get noticed for the right reasons. It’s going to take a monumental effort to really get her name in lights and let people know that she’s absolutely serious about being the star.

3. She was featured in The Great Wall.

This movie had the promise of being something special right up until people saw Matt Damon appear. There was a lot of talk about whitewashing but when it was discovered that he and his friend were in fact warriors that had lost their way it was a little easier to swallow. But thinking that they would be accepted as warriors among the ranks of those fighting along the Great Wall was kind of a stretch. Plus, the entire movie was kind of ridiculous since it took an aspect of history and went way off the beaten path. It could have still been a great movie but there were just too many moving parts to keep in the air.

2. She had a part in Pacific Rim: Uprising

The premise for the first movie was interesting, but the second movie is coming off of a thin thread that suggests that the invaders are coming through in various spots where they can break into the world of mankind. It’s not a bad idea, but it also begs the question as to why they haven’t eliminated humanity altogether and created a post-apocalyptic world where humans are now an endangered species. Movie magic and human stubbornness seem to be the answer, as many of the Jaeger pilots are obviously less than willing to back down.

1. She was in Kong: Skull Island.

Have you ever noticed how humanity seems to invade anything and everywhere they can in order to figure out how the world works? And yet when things go wrong they tend to just cut, run, destroy, and eradicate anything that seems like a threat. Her role in Kong: Skull Island is more of an observer but she still displays a strong and very independent streak that seems to run in the woman’s DNA.

She’s on her way up, don’t doubt that.

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