Jimmy Kimmel Tears Up and Calls for Action on Gun Violence

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t the only one tearing up when it comes to the tragedy that occurred in Florida recently. He’s also far from the last that will rally for action to be taken concerning gun violence. The talk show host showed some genuine emotion when it came to calling for action on the part of the president, the senate, and anyone else who will listen. Those that claim to be doing something, that there are measures being taken, and that it’s simply not time to talk about this need to finally wake up and realize just what’s going on in this country. At this point it doesn’t matter if the rest of the world is looking down on the USA because of the violence that happens within our borders. Their concerns aren’t what is at stake. The lives of our kids and  the youth of America are being attacked by our own, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

So what’s to be done? So far it just hasn’t seemed to be the time when officials take the mic, or so we’re being told. Well when is it going to be time? Will there come a day when our government is going to find someone to hold accountable for all the horror that’s gone on lately? Will they finally stand up and recognize that their dismissal of the problem is not helping? Or are they unable to hear the cries of the nation as they sit high upon their elected thrones and count the money that their campaigns receive from the likes of the NRA and other groups? Cynical as this might seem, it is unfortunately all too real in some cases. The idea that paranoia concerning the government is made up by crackpots and Democrats that like to stir the pot is a dismissive tactic used by Republicans and those that don’t want to see the problem.

There have been more public shootings in the past two months than ever before, but yet the problem has yet to be given even a temporary solution other than hopes and prayers. The unfortunate part about well wishes is that it doesn’t bring people back, and it doesn’t assuage the hurt that comes from having lost a child. Instead of well wishes it is time to finally nail down the problems that are afflicting this nation when it comes to gun laws and mental health laws. How a mentally unstable 19-year old was ever allowed to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle is hard to fathom. He couldn’t have bought a handgun until he was 21, but at the age of 19 he could buy something that was far more dangerous. Does anyone else see the problem there?

We don’t need to live in a police state, we don’t need to ban guns outright, and we certainly don’t need the government breathing down our necks any more than is necessary. But in America something must be done to bring these shootings to an end. Otherwise people are essentially sending their children into active war zones every time they say goodbye to them in the morning.

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