Jimmy Kimmel Live: Do People Know More Avengers Than Presidents?

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Avengers

One of the trademark segments of Jimmy Kimmel Live is when Kimmel and his team go out onto the streets of Los Angeles and ask random people questions about pop culture, politics, and a whole lot more to see how much they know about the world around them. Since it’s Marvel Week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, last night’s segment was an especially interesting and entertaining one, as Kimmel asked people how many members of the Avengers they could name before asking them to name just as many presidents.

Of course, lots of people did well on the Avengers question, with everyone naming Captain America, Iron Man, and The Hulk, and even some Marvel fans mentioning lesser known characters, such as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. However, when it came to presidents, the answers were all over the place. One guy tried to claim that Grover Washington, Jr. had been president, and a younger boy can apparently predict the future, because when he was listing off presidents’ names, he included Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Donald Trump.

So how many people were actually able to name more presidents than Avengers? See if anyone was able to do it in the video below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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