Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Just Like Every Mom

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Just Like Every Mom
Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Just Like Every Mom

Credit: @jenniferlovehewitt

When Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in 1979, she had no idea she’d become a major celebrity inside of ten years. However, that’s exactly what happened to the Texas native when she was 10. She won a talent show beauty pageant, and a talent agent advised her mother and father to take her to California to be a star. They thought she had what it took to become a superstar, and they were not wrong.

The talent agent gave good advice. Her mother moved her to Los Angeles from Waco, Texas, where she was born, and she did just that. By the time she was 10, she was landing roles and making money. Now that she’s 43, she’s an accomplished actress, mother, wife, and woman who loves tradition.

She’s also one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but that doesn’t stop her from being just like the rest of us. She may be a star, but she’s your everyday girl next door, too. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how Jennifer Love Hewitt is just like us.

She’s a Huge Fan of Tradition

Every mom born in the late 70s and early 80s loves tradition. We have elves that show up in our homes on Dec 1 to wreak havoc for 25 days. We have a family movie night to watch Hocus Pocus on October 1 to kick off the spooky season. We have a lot of traditions, and they’re important to us.

Halloween happens to be a favorite of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, and she loves to bring tradition to life. Every year, she makes a pumpkin for each of her three kids and her husband. This year, she chose to make a Hello Kitty pumpkin for her daughter. She made spiderman and Paw Patrol for her sons, and her husband got a Ninja Turtle pumpkin. She loves things like this. It brings her joy, and the rest of us feel her on that one.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Just Like Every Mom

Credit: @jenniferlovehewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt Struggled with Breastfeeding

It’s a struggle for almost every new mom in some capacity. Some of us have a problem producing enough milk and must make the difficult decision to either supplement or quit altogether, but we have no problem dropping the baby weight in no time. Other moms have no problem producing milk, but they struggle to drop the baby weight quickly.

While both camps might appear to have their pros and their cons, neither is ideal. Like so many moms, Jennifer Love Hewitt was able to breastfeed her babies with plenty of milk, but she struggled to get the baby weight off. The fact that she’s open to talking about it is helpful to so many mothers.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Had a Surprise Baby

Sometimes you plan your babies. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes, you have two sweet babies you planned, and then you decide to have a third, and baby three turns into babies three and four because you’re pregnant with unexpected twins.

Jennifer Love Hewitt knows what it’s like to have two beautiful babies and be open to a third, but to get pregnant without really expecting it. Her kids are currently seven and eight, and she has a one-year-old. She and her husband weren’t entirely planning on a third baby at that exact moment, but they weren’t closed off to it, either. Obviously.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Just Like Every Mom

Credit: @jenniferlovehewitt

“We had always been open to a third, but definitely didn’t think in the crazy year that the entire world was having that it would necessarily be this moment,” she said of her 2020 pregnancy. She and her husband, however, are overjoyed to have their third baby – who also happens to be a second boy. He’s a doll, and they are over the moon.

So, while you might look at Jennifer Love Hewitt and think she’s an unrelatable celebrity, she’s just a mom and a wife and a woman who is just like the rest of us. It just happens that more of us know who she is than your average mom.

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