Jennifer Lawrence Dazzles Fans in “Red Sparrow” Clips at CinemaCon

Not too long ago I wrote a little piece about how Brie Larson was the new Jennifer Lawrence.   People kind of took offense to it when all I was doing was making a point.  Larson came out of nowhere to win an Oscar and became the “it” girl.  It’s that simple.  I wasn’t in any way taking anything away from Lawrence.  I was just making a point.  I even pointed out that it was just a matter of time before Lawrence would re-emerge.  Well, I guess it didn’t take long.

Word is that audiences were stunned at how amazing Lawrence looked in her new spy thriller film Red Sparrow.   Those in attendance at CinemaCon were treated to some footage of the film and apparently Lawrence wears a backless red dress walking up a long stairway and training in a remote mansion, situated in a snowy corner of Mother Russia.

When Lawrence is recruited into a spy agency she falls in love with Joel Edgarton’s character.  “The two begin this cat and mouse seduction and fall in love, but you’re never really sure if the relationship is real and whose side you’re on,” said Emma Watts, Fox film vice chairman

Matthias Schoenaerts, Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds and Joely Richardson round out the cast. “Red Sparrow” is scheduled for theatrical release on November 10.

As soon as I get a clip I’ll share it on here, I promise.

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