Unveiling Jaren Lewison: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Rising Star

Unveiling Jaren Lewison: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Rising Star

Unveiling Jaren Lewison: 10 Intriguing Facts About the Rising Star

A few months ago, Jaren Lewison was a name that barely rang a bell. However, his role as Ben in the Netflix show Never Have I Ever has changed that. As the show’s popularity soars, so does Jaren’s, and it seems this opportunity is just the beginning. Here are 10 fascinating facts about Jaren Lewison you probably didn’t know.

1. Jaren’s Early Acting Days on Barney

Barney and Friends was a beloved children’s show for nearly two decades, and Jaren had the chance to experience its magic firsthand. He played a young boy named Joshua in a recurring role on the series.

2. High School Football and Jaren

Despite starting his acting career early, Jaren managed to lead a normal life. He attended a local public high school and was a member of the football team. Although he hasn’t pursued organized sports after high school, he remains a football enthusiast.

3. Juggling College and Acting

While most college students work part-time jobs at stores or restaurants, Jaren Lewison has a different approach. He is currently enrolled at the University of Southern California and has expressed his love for school.

4. Family Ties: Jaren’s Support System

In the entertainment industry, having a strong support system is crucial to staying grounded amidst the chaos. For Jaren, that support comes from his loving family. He shares a great relationship with both of his parents, who are incredibly supportive of his endeavors.

5. Jaren’s Signature Hashtag

Jaren consistently uses the hashtag “rememberthefeeling” in his Instagram posts. Although he hasn’t explained its significance or meaning, it could be a reminder to live in the moment. As his social media following grows, he may eventually reveal the story behind the hashtag.

6. The Lewison Siblings

Jaren comes from a small family and has only one sibling, an older sister named Mikayla. She attended Oklahoma University, where she was part of the all-girls cheerleading squad and joined a sorority.

7. The Parallels and Contrasts Between Jaren and Ben

When Jaren landed the role of Ben, he discovered a unique connection with the character. He told Vulture, “There’s some parts of Ben I can definitely relate to, and a lot of parts I did not experience in my personal life. I can relate to his vulnerable side. I’m very protective and loyal and into always being there for my friends, and you see that towards the end of the season with Ben. In terms of Ben’s academic pursuit of excellence, I also love school. ”

8. Instagram: Jaren’s Social Media Haven

If you want to connect with Jaren on social media, you’ll have to do it on Instagram, as it’s currently his only platform. With over 51,000 followers, his fan base is likely to grow exponentially in the coming months. While Jaren doesn’t share every aspect of his life, he is fairly active on the platform.

9. Jaren’s Love for Snowboarding

Everyone needs a break, and Jaren Lewison is no exception. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities, particularly snowboarding. He has taken several family trips to Colorado to indulge in this adrenaline-pumping sport.

10. The Origin of Jaren’s Name

With a father named Jason and a mother named Lauren, it seems Jaren’s name is a combination of both. Although it’s not a common name, it has a unique ring to it, and sometimes, a distinctive name can give you an edge in Hollywood.

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