Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 13 Review: “Chapter Thirteen”

Jane the Virgin

We’re halfway through Jane’s gestation period on Jane the Virgin, and an impending ultrasound is the hope for joy when all else is chaotic. Almost always in life, no matter how bad things are, babies seem to be the magic potion of instant happiness. Think about it: Rafael thinks his father is an international criminal, and he’s still beaming from ear to ear at the doctor’s office with Jane. That is, until the ultrasound tech notices something that’s not supposed to be there. So Rafael and Jane get the news that their baby may have a genetic disease, and the only way to know for sure is to have an amniocentesis. While the procedure is routine these days, it still comes with a risk of miscarriage.

Jane, ever the planner, decides against the amnio because of the risk, until she begins looking up the problems her child could have. Trust me on this, it is never a good idea to start down that road; you never want to think of the worst-case scenario. So she changes her mind, and Rafael supports her all the way. Seriously, Rafael is proving to be the best baby daddy and boyfriend ever. He supports Jane in her decision, sleeps on her floor for two days to keep her mind at ease, and gets her family to help him throw her a surprise graduation ceremony in her bedroom while she is on bedrest. Seriously, best boyfriend ever. He even manages to accomplish the impossible: get Jane to loosen her grip on what she can’t control.

While Jane had a lot of trouble facing her decision and living with it, it seems like a lot of other people can’t face what’s right in front of them. Case in point, Rogelio is driving Xiomara nuts now that he’s jobless. Xiomara is nothing but patient with him, and reminds him that he worked hard for more than two decades to get to where he was, and he can do it again. However, she didn’t expect that the offer Rogelio would get would be in Mexico City, for a year and a half.

Petra is so desperately trying to cling to someone she can trust that she puts her trust in the wrong guy yet again. Lachlan ends up leaving her homeless, but he doesn’t get the last laugh. That’s because Milos ends up buying up a third of the Marbell and offers to share it with Petra, with some strings attached.

Elsewhere, Alba has a little secret. Nobody gets that excited to run off to physical therapy in a sweatsuit, after all (and Hello Cheech Marin!). While we may find it cute that abuela has a crush, Alba explains that she made a choice when her husband died to honor his memory by never being with anyone again. Xiomara reminds Alba that her father didn’t work so hard to make Alba happy just so she could be miserable later; he would want her to be happy, even if that meant she was with someone else.

We were also promised that it wouldn’t be long before others besides the audience discovered the truth about Sin Rose-stro. The act didn’t work for long once Michael found out that Emilio was having an affair, and his mistress pointed them in the direction of a lie that Rose told. From there, the pieces fell into place, but by then Rose (who’s apparently always been blonde?) was in the wind. Sure, she’s an international criminal, but she didn’t kill Zaz. No, that honor belonged to, well, a very much alive Zaz, and apparently Rafael.

Now that Sin Rostro has been positively identified, what do you think is the real story behind what happened to Zaz? Until the next chapter…

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