Jane the Virgin Review: Let’s Talk About Bisexuality

Jane the Virgin

If anyone saw this plot point coming, raise your hand. Because I did not see Jane the Virgin picking up this conversation, and that may be the reason why I love that they did so. Jane does not fare well with surprises, and this one was a doozy. What is really unique about this story playing out the way that it does, is that it informs a larger conversation on the double standards of gender, and the judgments both sides make. Plus, it’s kind of fun to see Jane thrown off her game when there are things that she doesn’t know how to react to.

There is one little detail that Adam forgot to tell Jane about himself: he’s bisexual. Not that Jane has a problem with Adam’s past love life, but she feels it’s the sort of thing they could have talked about beforehand. A good time to have that discussion probably would have been when they almost got married all those years ago. Luckily, Jane has more time to process it now. Of course Jane would need time to process this information. It took her completely off-guard. That in and of itself is not something Jane likes. Lena is the one who likes surprises, not Jane. Lena is certainly surprised when Jane tries to kiss her! This is what pushes Jane to admit she’s uncomfortable with Adam’s admission, but not because she thinks differently of him. Mostly she just has a lot of questions. This is something new for her, and it’s okay to ask questions. Adam wholeheartedly answers Jane’s questions, but the most important answer is that Adam is 100% with Jane now.

If that almost-kiss wasn’t enough to freak Lena out, her impending nuptials should. Just as Lena is about to walk down the aisle, she wonders if she and Danny are compatible. What bride would be excited about a bachelor/bachelorette party with a Murder Mystery theme? What neither Lena or Jane know is that Danny set up the party as a decoy for his real surprise, which was a real bachelorette party all along. Danny is the opposite of Lena in so many ways, which does basically make him the male version of Jane. That’s how Lena knows it is right.

Continuing with the theme of gender double standards, Xiomara has a very special request for Rogelio. At this point in their lives, they are not going to have any more children. Why shouldn’t Rogelio get a vasectomy so that Xiomara can stop taking the pill? (A Note to all Men: Never, ever make the counterargument that a woman can just have her tubes tied. It’s an invasive procedure, the worst double standard argument, and the quickest way to start an argument you cannot win.) To Rogelio, getting the vasectomy isn’t a matter of his manhood. It’s about getting older. If Rogelio really loves Xo, then he would consider that she is asking this of him because of her womanhood. Staying on top of birth control is stressful, and shouldn’t be expected to maintain for the rest of her life.

Remember that good place Jane and Rafael used to be in? That has deteriorated to the extent that Rafael can’t even call Jane after Katherine runs him down. What should be a moment of relief that Rafael is alive, is instead a clipped threat not to start the “I told you so” argument. More than anything Jane wants Rafael to be safe and happy. Right now, he is neither. The reason Jane was so proud of his work on the hotel in the past is because it made him happy to set an example for his children. Rafael isn’t happy anymore. Everything is a fight, and it’s a fight to prove something to absolutely no one. What he should be focused on is his family, all of his family. This means Luisa, who has lost her mind. Rafael convinces her that she is hallucinating, but is she? Rafael doesn’t believe his sister is well, which is why she gives him back his hotel shares. If only they were legally binding. If only Magda and Anezka didn’t trick Luisa into thinking she was going crazy to get her shares donated to themselves. Whoops.

How did Jane the Virgin hit the right marks with the bisexual story?

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