It Sounds as though Agatha Harkness Will Return to the MCU

It Sounds as though Agatha Harkness Will Return to the MCU

It Sounds as though Agatha Harkness Will Return to the MCU

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since the role of Agatha Harkness is one that Kathryn Hahn managed to bring to life in a manner that proved that she’s not only one of the more endearing characters in the MCU, but that she’s a cinch to bring back since she’s a lot of fun to watch. How it might happen is anyone’s guess at this point since the MCU has been following the Marvel stories in some respect, but they’ve been skimming quite a bit of the material as well while making things up as they go. The fact of the matter is that the trend of not sticking entirely to the comic books is still very much in full swing, which isn’t an issue really since it offers up a chance to deliver stories that people aren’t entirely familiar with, but there are still plenty of people who would like to see something that they recognize from the comics. What has been seen already has been impressive since Hahn took the role of Agatha and had fun with it in a way that’s been seen as successful with other villains that have managed to hang around. 

Plenty of people have pointed out over the years that the MCU has been treating a lot of its villains in a manner that’s been a little confusing since a few of them have been given a much richer backstory in the comics only to be introduced and killed off in the movies. The beauty of Harkness is that she was brought in under the radar and treated like another citizen of the town until it was time for the big reveal. Those that were really watching likely felt that there was something up with her role in WandaVision since Kathryn Hahn has been on a hot streak for a while when it comes to acting, and her prominent role as the nosy neighbor made it clear that something was up with her. There were so many false leads in WandaVision however that some people do feel a little cheated, or rather, they might feel a bit gullible at this point. 

Bringing in Evan Peters to play the role of Wanda’s brother, Pietro, was a big tipping point, but the reveal that he was just another nobody made to appear like someone important was kind of like a slap in the face to a lot of MCU fans. But the reveal that Agatha was behind everything was a startling revelation for many people that was enjoyed and at the same time kind of a downer for some folks since it’s obvious that the Mephisto rumor indicated that people wanted to see the famed devil from the Marvel universe. Whether we’ll get to this character in the near future or not is uncertain, but portraying Agatha Harkness as a villain without any hint that she might be capable of redemption is kind of hard for old-school Marvel fans to reconcile with. Just in case people are thinking that the MCU version is all there is, one has to recall that in the comics, Agatha isn’t always portrayed as evil, as there are times when she’s been an ally that can be quite useful. 

So far, however, the MCU has leaned hard into her villainous side, though it might be interesting to see if they could possibly see her as a necessary evil that might work toward the same goals as the heroes at times, especially if she comes to realize that, after WandaVision, she’s not the big bad she thought she was. There’s also the realization that Wanda did enact a spell that made Agatha oblivious of what she’d done and who she was, which would likely be a perfect prison for anyone else. But according to her backstory, Agatha is well over 20,000 years old, as she was around before Atlantis sank into the sea. Some might want to argue that other villains have been just as impressive, and in some cases have been around just as long if not longer, but they were still taken out in the same movie they were introduced in. This is true, but in the Marvel universe, there’s always a way to bring people back, as it’s already been proven with Endgame. 

There are plenty of ideas on where to insert Agatha in order to bring her back into the fold, and the idea that the spell that’s holding her will fail to be perfect in some small way. Or rather, it could be due to the fact that Agatha is so powerful that her personality might seek to reassert itself as he struggles to break out of the box that Wanda placed her in. Bringing her back is bound to be an interesting development, especially with Wanda becoming even more powerful as time goes on. 

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