Plan 8: A Glimpse into the Future of MMO Exosuit Shooters

Plan 8: A Glimpse into the Future of MMO Exosuit Shooters

In 2019, the gaming world was shaken by the release of a trailer for a new IP by developer Pearl Abyss called Plan 8. The trailer revealed a war-ravaged world filled with rogue killer machines and transhumanism as a part of daily life. Since then, there has been little news about the game’s development. However, with the talent behind Counterstrike and Black Desert online involved, there’s no doubt that Plan 8 has immense potential. As an MMO Exosuit shooter, players can expect to build and customize their avatars in various ways, all while exploring an open-world environment enhanced by cybernetics.

War of the Machines

Plan 8 appears to be a third-person shooter with cover mechanics similar to Gears of War. The story remains a mystery, but the trailer suggests that humanity is on the brink of extinction due to the robotic threats. Whether the antagonist is manmade, like Skynet in The Terminator franchise, or extraterrestrial remains unknown. It’s clear that human factions are forced to hide in the wilderness, building a resistance against the mechanical monsters taking over the planet. With Pearl Abyss’s expertise in open-world games, players can expect to traverse the landscape on horseback, vehicles, exosuits, and even boats.


Blurring the Line Between Man and Machine

Based on the trailer, it’s safe to assume that Plan 8 will be a co-op experience at its core. Players will likely team up with others or A.I.-controlled bots to take down the cybernetic enemies. The environment will be interactive, allowing players to use car doors as improvised shields or uproot light poles as long-range melee weapons. The in-game footage showcases a well-crafted world where players can fully customize their characters. The gameplay revolves around humans wearing exosuits with upgradable abilities, giving them an edge in combat through flight, super-human strength, and wall-scaling. Additionally, all weapons in the game can be customized and modded to suit the player’s needs.

Where Did Plan 8 Go?

After the trailer’s release, Plan 8 seemed to vanish without any updates. Some speculated that the project was on hiatus or canceled. However, recent reports indicate that Pearl Abyss has been busy opening two new studios in Europe and North America to expand their development teams. These studios, located in Los Angeles and Amsterdam, will oversee the western releases of Pearl Abyss’s upcoming titles, including Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8.

A World on the Brink

It seems that Plan 8 is still in development, with the new studios working hard to complete the project before its release date. Although there haven’t been any updates for the past couple of years, there’s a chance that a new gameplay trailer will be revealed at Gamescom in August. Nothing is confirmed, but it would be exciting to see the progress made on this title. The ultimate goal for Plan 8 is to create a truly next-generation MMO experience that players have never seen before.

Anticipation Builds

As we await more information about the game’s structure and story, excitement within the gaming community continues to grow. It’s likely that Plan 8 will feature an epic single-player campaign with opportunities for players to join in and help out. Alternatively, it could be a survival sandbox title. For now, gamers will have to wait a bit longer to discover what Plan 8 has in store. With the reveal trailers for both Crimson Desert and Plan 8 released back-to-back, Pearl Abyss is quickly becoming a development team to watch.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Pearl Abyss is known for its attention to detail and commitment to creating immersive gameplay that reflects next-generation hardware. While there isn’t a confirmed release date for Plan 8, it’s expected to arrive soon. Both Crimson Desert and Plan 8 are in heavy development, with Crimson Desert slated for a fall 2021 release and Plan 8 to follow shortly after. Upon release, Plan 8 will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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