Can the MCU Successfully Create the Dark Universe Universal Failed to Achieve?

Can the MCU Successfully Create the Dark Universe Universal Failed to Achieve?

Can the MCU Successfully Create the Dark Universe Universal Failed to Achieve?

Universal’s Dark Universe Missteps and MCU’s Potential Takeover

It’s no secret that Universal Studios stumbled in their attempt to create a Dark Universe, showcasing their most infamous characters as heroes in their own stories. However, it’s intriguing to consider the possibility of the MCU stepping in and successfully launching its own version of the Dark Universe. With characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight already leaning into the supernatural aspects of the Marvel universe, the potential for a darker, more mysterious side of the MCU is certainly there.

But to fully flesh out this Dark Universe, the MCU would need to tread carefully, ensuring that the concept doesn’t falter on its way to the screen. While there are numerous characters that could fit the mold, it’s important to remember that the supernatural elements must be balanced with the rest of the universe to maintain their unique appeal.

Integrating Supernatural Characters into the MCU

The supernatural aspects of Marvel have their own place, but they can easily be co-opted into the rest of the universe, potentially damaging their ability to stand on their own. One of the strengths of the MCU is that each story can stand on its own as a singular movie while still belonging to a larger universe. Since Blade and Ghost Rider were not originally part of the MCU, both characters will need to be reworked to fit seamlessly into the overarching narrative.

There are characters from Universal’s failed Dark Universe that the MCU might struggle to adapt unless they can find creative and feasible ways to do so. For example, Frankenstein’s monster and the Invisible Man might be difficult to incorporate without stepping on any toes. However, Marvel’s Werewolf by Night could easily fit into this darker universe, especially with the right casting choices. While the Dark Universe is still more rumor than reality at this point, it’s worth considering how Marvel could take control of something that Universal failed to execute properly.

Is the MCU’s Dark Universe Just a Rumor or a Real Possibility?

If the MCU is truly pursuing this opportunity, it hasn’t been made entirely public yet, so it could be more rumor than anything. However, fans are hopeful that the Dark Universe could actually work and take the MCU in a slightly different direction for the characters involved. The supernatural element would no doubt introduce new characters and storylines that could further expand the Marvel universe.

One advantage of this idea is that Marvel has no shortage of characters, and it’s always possible that new ones could be created to further this goal. Introducing something fresh and unexpected to the MCU might initially confuse audiences, but with the right execution, they could quickly embrace these new characters and storylines.

Dark Universe: A New Frontier for the MCU?

The Dark Universe could be a way for the MCU to further dominate the movie and TV show scene. So far, they’ve been consistently releasing one show and movie after another, but have largely focused on a single direction when it comes to heroes and villains. The cosmic, earthbound, and mystical elements have been great, but introducing the supernatural in a more significant way could be a fun and exciting idea that brings even more intriguing characters and conflicts into the mix.

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