Is it True That Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Like Serendipity?

Is it True That Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Like Serendipity?
Is it True That Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Like Serendipity?

Credit: @katebeckinsale

Kate Beckinsale is one of the loveliest actresses in the world. Her career spans several successful decades, and it includes the early 2000s romantic comedy called Serendipity. She stars alongside the talented John Cusack, and the movie was a smashing success. However, the talented actress is not a fan of watching her own work. Why? What makes the fabulous Kate Beckinsale unhappy with her own work? Find out why she is not happy with her own performances and why she avoids watching her own work like the plague.

Does Kate Beckinsale Dislike the Movie Serendipity?

No, not at all. She enjoys the movie both watching it and starring in it. However, she doesn’t watch it. Why not? Because she does care to watch herself starring in anything. It has nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with herself. The way she explains it makes perfect sense, and we appreciate her candid explanation. “I don’t like watching my own movies. It makes me cringe. Not because I don’t like the movie; it’s like hearing your voice on a voice message. You just kind of go, ‘Oh, no, is that really what I sound like?’” she said of why she prefers not to watch her movies.

Her sentiment is familiar to most. More people than not cringe when they hear themselves speaking, and it turns out that the lovely Kate Beckinsale is one of them. She is just like the rest of us in terms of being uncomfortable hearing herself speak. It’s an everyone thing, and it’s not just a personal thing.

Is it True That Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Like Serendipity?

Credit: @katebeckinsale

What is Serendipity About

Well, it’s about a couple. It’s also about a little shop called Serendipity. When John Cusack’s character meets Kate Beckinsale’s character in the Bloomingdales checkout line, they both reach for the last pair of winter gloves. It’s Christmas in the city, and they decide to figure out who gets the gloves over a cup of coffee at Serendipity. The entire situation evolves into them spending the day together and eventually deciding to let fate make a decision for them. She writes her number in a book, and he writes him on a $5 bill. She sells the book at a store and uses the money to buy something. They’ll come across the numbers one day if they’re meant to be.

It’s a romantic comedy that turns out exactly as you expect it. She meets someone. He meets someone. They later decide to find one another – both naturally engaged to other people. They bring their unwitting best friends along with them, and they keep missing one another. It’s the hilarious story of love when you don’t think you can find love, and it’s a perfect Christmas movie.

What Does Kate Beckinsale Remember Most About Filming Serendipity?

Ironically, she remembers how hot it was. It was August, and she was shooting a winter movie in the middle of the city. They used linoleum for ice skating because the ice wasn’t working, and she was just hot all the time. Gloves, hats, boots, coats – all the time. She was sweating. “There we were in August in New York, in scarves and overcoats, sweating to death and pretending to be ice-skating on what was actually linoleum, because it was too hot for ice. I remember being incredibly hot all of the time. A classic Christmas movie and we’re all pouring sweat,” she said of her time on this set. We never would have known this film was shot in the horrid heat of summer.

Does Kate Beckinsale Believe in Fate?

She starred in a massive motion picture about it, but does she really believe in it? She does. More to the point, she doesn’t not believe in it. She does at times, and she doesn’t at times. She’s not alone in that matter of thinking, either. It seems her thoughts on fate line up quite well with our own. Of fate, she said, “There have been periods of my life where there have been so many interesting coincidences about a particular person, where it feels like they were meant to be in my life in some way.” She goes on to describe it a little bit like magic, and we love that description of it.

Is it True That Kate Beckinsale Doesn’t Like Serendipity?

Credit: @johncusack

Believing in the magic of fate is so easy at times, considering how difficult it is at other times. However, there is one thing we know for certain. There is nothing we dislike about watching Kate Beckinsale on screen. She’s talented and lovely, and she is never the kind of person we dislike listening to or watching. Though we absolutely understand her own feelings when she hears herself.John Cusack’s

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