Is it Time to Make A “Riverdale” Movie?

Riverdale Season 4

“Riverdale” was referred to as the best TV phenomenon since “13 Reasons Why,” and it was claimed that for the first time, more teenagers were spending their time watching television. It has been praised for its ability to retain fans when other highly-rated shows could barely do so. Thus it is no wonder that it has been able to bag a few awards, including that of Choice Drama TV Show. So with already four seasons, is it time to make a “Riverdale” movie, or should we wait for more seasons? Here is why we think perhaps a movie is better than a series.

Plot twists

Suspense is the name of the game in television production, and that is what producers ride on to keep a storyline going. It will make no sense to watch something if the ending is predictable. Still, as much as you want to keep people guessing, in “Riverdale,” the plot twists are becoming too much for the fans to keep up with, and it’s upsetting them. According to Express, Betty and Archie hooking up with each other behind their partner’s backs was frustrating to some fans.

One person said that even if they change the storyline to have the pair’s partners forgiving them, it would still be annoying to know that the cheating happened. However, other fans seemed unbothered by it all, saying that even if they knew it was wrong, it is enjoyable to watch it unfold. Besides, it would give the producers an opportunity for season five production. While that is a valid reason to go on with adding more plot twists, in the end, they will have bored the fans who still want to feel like they know what is happening in the show and that they have not been missing any clues.

Moreover, from the experience of watching a show stretch a storyline for too long, it is better to have a series end with fans loving it than when it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. With fans already feeling the twists too much to keep up with, it is time to pull the plug on “Riverdale” lest it gets to ten seasons with twists that make no sense. A movie, on the other hand, can also save the audience from the agony of not knowing how the series will end so that more plot twists are not needed to keep the story going.

Parental concerns

We cannot deny that shows are trying their best to represent minority groups and educating the public on the LGBTQ community. While that is a commendable effort, we have to remember that the audience is mainly pre-teenagers and teenagers who are being exposed to all sorts of inappropriate behavior that may arouse their curiosity. Reviews on Common Sense Media show that as much as some parents have no problem with their children watching the show, others feel it is a bit too much for the young minds. It has been seen to be somewhat glorifying irresponsible behavior, such as showing kids taking drugs but never revealing the consequences.

Another parent also has a problem with the sex scenes saying that the show is not one to be watched by kids, even if it is about high schoolers. He commented on the fact there is a sexual relationship between a teacher and her student. Besides, the dialogue leaves a lot to the imagination of the young minds; for instance, someone talks about the size of his “equipment.” With most of the parents being those who read the Archie comic books, it is ruining the picture they had of the characters by overly sexualizing everything resulting in a show that they could not recommend their children to watch.

That being said, some do not mind watching every episode with their children. Then again, not every parent will always be around when the show is being aired. Since with every season the scenes and dialogues are becoming more and more sexualized, maybe making it into a movie where everything is condensed into 90 minutes is enough to make parents comfortable. Knowing that they only have to watch an adaptation of the comic book in less than two hours where by the end of it, they will be sure if it is safe for children to watch should give them peace of mind unlike waiting for R-rated seasons.

The musicals

Recently, “Riverdale” fans were furious over the transgender musical, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” and they did not care to hide it. As always, social media is where they chose to vent, saying that the musical was a mistake, and of all the adaptations, it was the worst they had ever seen. Another fan added that although he has never minded the musicals on the show, that particular one made it feel like they were watching “Glee.” The anger may have been because the music ruined the moment; just when the audience was coming to terms with the new plot twist, there came a musical.

All the same, it is not just about that musical in season 4. On Reddit, fans shared how they felt the musicals were dumb. To the fans, the drama, the plot, and the characters are what makes the series entertaining, and musicals only ruin it for them. Therefore one Reddit user said that whenever he sees Archie pull out his guitar, he fast forwards because he has no time for a Glee-like performance. What is worse is that none of the characters have beautiful voices worth listening to, so it is mostly flat and boring. For this reason, one fan remarked that if some of the cast had a background in musicals, then such performances would make sense.

We have already watched “High School Musical,” and the title itself was enough to let us know we should expect music. However, with “Riverdale,” the performances are too many; hence a movie would be more fulfilling to an audience that only expects drama. It makes no case for “Riverdale” to have content that the viewers prefer to fast-forward instead of watching it.

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