Is Hush Being Set Up For The Batman Sequel?

One Batman villain who isn’t one of the classics, but quickly became one of the best villains is Thomas Elliot, A.K.A Hush. Why the short name? Well, it probably has a lot to do with a nursery rhyme and the fact that he’s a doctor. To be more precise, he’s actually a surgeon. In fact, one can actually describe him as Bruce Wayne completely flipped on his head. Tommy Elliot debut in DC Comics back in 2002 in the Batman: Hush comic, written by comic legend Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jim Lee, a prominent figure in DC. What made this more modern Batman story stand out from the rest was the neo-noir aspect. As a detective, this was one of Batman’s greatest challenges, especially due to the fact that Hush was several steps ahead of him the whole time. But isn’t that Batman’s thing?

What made the mystery of Hush so compelling was that the villain actually staged his own death. If you’re a Batman fan, you all remember that part where the Dark Knight nearly beat the Joker to death. After running outside a theater and finding Tommy’s “dead” body right next to his greatest enemy, Batman totally lost his nerve. Even Catwoman, his lover, was unable to hold him back and Gotham’s hero was moments away from finally ending the Joker’s life. The only reason he stopped was because Jim Gordon talked him down. Oh, and he also held his gun right on Batman’s head. Boy, that was some heavy stuff. The thing is, Tommy Elliot never died.

By the end of the story, Hush murdered Batman’s friend, the disfigured Harold Allnut, and revealed his motivations behind the scheme. While he never unmasked himself, Hush basically gave away his identity when he told Batman why he hated the Waynes and in particular, Bruce’s father. Tommy Elliot’s parents were in a terrible car accident that claimed the life of his father, but his mother survived because Thomas Wayne saved her. Unbeknownst to everyone, the young Tommy Elliot deliberately sabotaged their vehicle with the hopes that they would die. With them being dead, the young Tommy would be able to claim their inheritance. However, in Tommy’s eyes, Thomas Wayne ruined his plan by saving his mother’s life and therefore, robbed him of his fortune.

This is what drove Tommy Elliot to seek revenge against the Waynes. As far as his relationship with Bruce Wayne goes, the two boys were actually good friends growing up. That’s at least what the young Bruce Wayne thought, but Tommy was secretly very envious of his best “friend”. Tommy Elliot believed that Bruce Wayne didn’t deserve his fortune and it was all “handed to him” after his parents were murdered. Of course, Bruce never suspected that his supposed best friend had these violent feelings towards him. However, after the Hush storyline, Bruce Wayne and Batman gained a new enemy.

I think what drew us Batman fans to Hush was the fact that this was a very personal enemy for Bruce Wayne and Batman. This was someone Bruce actually knew as a child and for many years, considered him a very good friend. Even the world’s greatest detective never suspected that his best friend secretly despised him and was constantly scheming behind his back to ruin his life. Their rivalry only heated up in the following years and Hush grew more violent and used his skills as a surgeon to attack his enemies. The most horrific example of this is when he abducted Catwoman and literally removed her heart while she was sedated. Batman had to pursue him while she was on life support supplied by Mr. Freeze and after retrieving her heart, Doctor Mid-Nite was able to put it back into her.

I mean, one can argue Hush is way more messed up of a villain than the Joker. That’s a tough competition, but believe me, Hush is one disturbed psychopath. With that in mind, I think a live-action debut in a Batman movie is long overdue for this villain. In fact, did you guys get to see The Batman? Boy, that was a wild ride. It was so wild, you might have missed that little reference to Tommy Elliot. During that scene when the Riddler exposed the dark secrets of the Waynes, he revealed that an investigative journalist had some dirt on the Waynes he was going to use to discredit them. Thanks to Carmine Falcone, the journalist never got the chance to bring this information to the media.

The name of this journalist was Edmund, you guessed it, Elliot. A bit of a red flag, ain’t it? On top of that, when the Riddler sent this information to the media, he emphasized the word “Hush” in the broadcast. I don’t know about you, but that pretty much sells it for me. There are a lot of villains Matt Reeves can use for the sequels to The Batman, but I think Hush needs to be at the top of that list.

In a Batman universe where Bruce Wayne is basically a hermit, just imagine how distraught he would be if he found out one of his very few friends was actually a deranged psychopath. This would be a personal battle for Bruce Wayne unlike any other. And after the Riddler revealed that Thomas Wayne actually had a hand in Edmund Elliot’s death, that would give Tommy Elliot all the motivation he needs to seek revenge against Bruce Wayne. On top of that, this is by far the darkest Batman universe we have seen to date. A sadistic villain like Hush would be a good fit for this dark world.

But let’s be honest, I think we Batman fans  are just dying to see this villain in a live-action Batman movie. After the success of The Batman, we know we’re getting sequels. I’m sure Matt Reeves has more villains in mind, but I reckon he has Hush in mind. What are your thoughts, Batman fans? Do you think the debut of Hush in a live-action Batman movie is inevitable?

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