The Incredible CGI in Upcoming 2019 Hong Kong Sci-Fi Cyberpunk film “Warriors of Future”

The 2019 Cyberpunk film titled Warriors of the Future looks like it’s going to be incorporating some awesome CGI effects. Set in the year 2055 a meteorite carrying a sentient vine that is named Pandora crash lands on earth, releasing the vine. The earth at this point is heavily polluted, but the vine purifies everything it comes into contact with, though it has the drawback that it kills everything living that it encounters as well. That’s what essentially mobilizes the heavily armored military of Hong Kong to try and defeat the vine and protect the citizens of the city. It looks intense and the action scenes look like they’ll be quite insane.

To be honest though their tech looks like a cross between Edge of Tomorrow and District 9 since they employ body suits and machinery that closely resemble the same types of things that were used in those films. The suits are also kind of reminiscent of what was used in Elysium, but without the need to screw and bolt every piece of it into the body of the user. The exo-suit has become kind of a standard go-to in movies when things get incredibly hard to deal with and the good guys need something that’s far more powerful than they could ever be on their own. In the movies that have utilized this kind of technology the suits are usually big, bulky, and don’t allow for a whole lot of natural movement. But kind of like Elysium, in WotF the suits are more form-fitting and are meant to enhance the user as well as allow them the chance to move about without any hindrance. Plus, the other rigs that are being used look kind of like something from Robocop as well, but with human operators inside obviously.

There’s not much shown of the killer vine, just snippets and an indication at the end of the trailer that it’s something quite stealthy and more than capable of sneaking up on someone. The CGI effects so far look pretty well done and should deliver a movie that’s well-received or at the very least believed to be something worth watching since the effects are on point. Apart from that it’s another movie based on a future that could be very different by the time we finally get there. Keep in mind that some films were once set in 1997 and showed our world as a barren wasteland that would just barely support life. Others were based in the early 2000’s and the one based in 2015 accurately predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series. Not all futuristic movies are right, but not all of them are entirely wrong either. Hopefully at that point people will have wised up and learn not to trust absolutely everything they see.

All in all though it seems like this movie could be something pretty cool to watch when it comes out and should be given a chance to prove what it can do. In the US it might or might not do well, but across the globe it should get some decent attention.

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