Impressive Heavy Metal Cover Of Adele’s “Someone Like You”

So yes, this metal cover of Someone Like You is impressive. But it still begs the question of ‘why?’. Something about it just isn’t there, as though it’s missing a key component that could push it over the edge and allow it to reach epic status. Personally I think it would be Adele herself. If she could come into this mix and add her own vocals to the piece it would be great. The music is awesome, save for the part when it comes largely instrumental. The hard, hangry beats just don’t seem to suit the song all that well.

The guy doing this has some serious skill but could still benefit with a softer voice helping him out on the vocals. Adele’s voice could belt out this song in such a manner and balance it out, because otherwise it sounds like something that’s being scratched out without any benefit of a balancing sound to even it out. It’s pretty good on its own, but if someone with a powerful but more melodic voice could come in this rendition of Adele’s song could be absolutely awesome.

There’s another feel to the song too that begs to be noticed, something that is almost reminiscent of a Green Day or a similar band’s feel. It moves, it bangs, and it definitely rocks in a way that’s desired, but it still lacks that last, key quality that could bring it all together in a really masterful stroke that would leave no doubt of this guy’s genius. He’s already laid the groundwork and the entire structure, now he just needs the final note that would drive this song straight into the stratosphere without stopping to ask for directions.

Metal covers like this tend to get a lot of flak from some people and a ton of praise from others since they are inherently different from the songs they’re covering but still the same in many ways. Obviously they’re the same song, but the feel and the rhythm are different enough that some people actually take it as an insult that anyone would even bother trying to do something like this. To be quite honest I think it’s a sign of respect that someone thinks that the song is worthy enough of being transposed into another genre. There’s no insult here and there’s nothing to indicate that the guy disliked the song at all. In fact he’s paid tribute to it in a way that makes it feel as though he genuinely likes the song.

Metal covers are just another form of artistic expression that people feel the need to produce because it strikes them as something worthwhile to do. And really it’s fun to listen to and wonder how they got it in their head to do something this interesting and innovative. Obviously the people that do these are music lovers, otherwise it seems like it would be too much of a chore to copy every note and compose a new sound for an already well-known song.

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