Hugh Jackman Would Like Dafne Keen To Take Over As Wolverine

Logan marked a historic end to an X-Men career that spanned nearly 20 years for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.   While audiences loved the film it’s leaving studios with an interesting problem to solve:  “How do we continue with X-Men?”  Now that Jackman and Stewart are officially out as Logan and Charles Xavier what is the new crop going to look like?  It’s not as if Marvel is sitting on this either.  New movies and new characters are in development.  However, when it comes to the Wolverine franchise there’s still a gaping hole that’s gotta be filled.  If Hugh Jackman has anything to say about it then Daphne Keen should be a big part of their future plans.

Here’s what Jackman had to say about the future of X-Men:

“I think one thing we’ve learned: when X-Men started, it was pretty revolutionary. Like the comic book itself, I think there was an element of breaking conventions, of opening up in the concentration camp with a character, was not what people expected. I think X-Men has always been about asking questions, challenging norms and asking what’s going on. I’m not saying we’ve done that always, but I definitely think the spirit of Logan is in a way a reboot of that desire to keep taking risks and to ask more difficult questions, and to go deeper within the characters. In an irreverent way, it’s exactly what Deadpool did too.

I think it’s endemic to the character. I think for me, it would make sense to go younger with Logan. I think it would be very difficult — however, there’s a female 11-year-old who could absolutely frickin’ nail it, for my money. [Keen is] so good. I was 30 when I got the part, so I think it would be wide open to interpretation. I think it could be anything. You could go any color, any race, anything. If you look at all the drawings and all the different interpretations from different artists over the years, I think it’s completely open. I think audiences will buy it.”

That’s a pretty big endorsement if I ever heard one and anyone who saw Logan would be hard pressed to disagree.

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