How to Find the Mask of Joy in Resident Evil Village

How to Find the Mask of Joy in Resident Evil Village


How do you find the Mask of Joy in Resident Evil Village? Resident Evil Village has been out for a couple of weeks now and I’m not sure if the game is actually hard or if I’m just stupid, but I still can’t beat the game. It’s taken me so long to get through what seems like what should have been incredibly simple tasks (like checking my inventory for a Key Item that I needed to progress through the story), but for some reason I just never got it. One thing that I did eventually get was how to find the four angel masks hidden in the castle. With the help of Jeffrey Parkin and a little bit of intuition, I was finally able to find the masks and move on with my life, and by move on with my life I absolutely mean writing about how you can find these masks yourself! So, how do you go about finding the Mask of Joy in Resident Evil Village?

Find The Four Angels’ Masks 2/4

So, assuming you’re starting from the Merchant’s Room in the castle (you should probably always be starting in the Merchant’s Room, or somewhere else that you can save after picking up Key Items), you need to go all the way back into the Courtyard. Chances are you’ll run into the big Tall Lady (Alcina Dimitrescu) who will begin chasing you in an effort to kill you. This is undoubtedly something that you absolutely do not want, so if you come across Tall Lady Dimitrescu, just do your best not to get caught by her. Simple enough, right? Yeah, well sometimes it’s not that easy, especially if you get caught in a corner. The best way that you can avoid her is to just full send it and sprint all the way through to the Courtyard. Once you open the door, head to the north side and use the Dimitrescu Key (be warned there are a few vampires, so you’ve either got to be super quick or just take care of them beforehand). Once you make your way inside, you’ll see the Castle Map (Annex) in the corner of the stairwell – pick it up. After going upstairs, there will be a cabinet with some gunpowder to the right; smash it, grab the gunpowder, and then go across the hall until you reach a table with some handgun ammo as well as the Grand Chambermaid’s Notice file. On the right side, you’ll see an Iron Insignia Key door with a note that says “The piano hides the way to open the door.” Continue to the left and head through the door into the Opera Hall.

(Phantom of the) Opera Hall

While you’re on the second floor, if you head over to the east side of the Opera Hall you can read the Further Observations file. If you turn around and look directly at the ceiling, there will be a crystal fragment on the ceiling that is directly above a flower arrangement that you can shoot and collect the crystal fragment. While you’re in the main Opera Hall area, snag a left and continue to follow the balcony to the room to the north. After dealing with the vampire within, you can grab the Flower Swords Ball Key Item (this will be an important tool that will come in handy later!) There’s a few other collectibles hidden in the Opera Hall, but we’re focused on finding this Mask of Joy, so head back to the Piano and examine it; you’ll be able to play the notes in the order that they’re shown to obtain the Iron Insignia Key.

Shh…You’re in the Library

Head back upstairs and use the Iron Insignia Key to open the door to the Library. Be warned, you will get attacked by one of the daughters that you’re trying to avoid, so you’ll need to sprint across the room and a little bit towards the right to find a lever on a pillar. This lever will allow you to open the skylight above the center of the room; you will then wait for the daughter to chase you, then interact with the lever and unload your guns into her as she moans. Do this a couple of times and you’ll kill her and you’ll be able to pick up her crystal torso. Exit through the doors on the west side of the room and enter the Hall of Joy.

After you enter the Hall of Joy, you are now able to snatch the Mask of Joy from the statue and then unlock the door to the Main Hall’s second floor if you turn around. Head back to the Hall of the Four and slap the Mask of Joy on the back right statue. Go back to the Merchant’s Room to save and there you go – onto the next mask!

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