How to Complete Week 9 Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2

week 9 challenges destiny 2

Week 9 Seasonal Challenges in Destiny 2 are live. Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 launched over a month ago and with it came a brand new section of the quest tab on the Director called “seasonal challenges.” These are brand new challenges that are not unlike the weekly challenges we’ve seen in Fortnite. These new seasonal challenges will provide a weekly incentive to do certain activities in the game, but it won’t only give you something to do – these seasonal challenges are actually required in order to level up your reputation at the War Table in the new H.E.L.M. location. It seems like these seasonal weekly challenges keep getting shorter and shorter with each passing week. So how do you complete the seasonal challenges for this week in Destiny 2 and what exactly do you get from completing all of these weekly challenges?

Convex Convergence

In order to complete the Convex Convergence seasonal challenge for week 9 of Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2, you’ll have to focus a Tier III Umbral Engram. You can do this from the Prismatic Recaster in the H.E.L.M. and you can unlock Tier III Umbral Engrams by completing various tasks around the system like killing enemies with specific weapons and abilities. After completing this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with some seasonal XP that you can use to increase your Season Pass level and earn even more exclusive rewards, including the Ticuu’s Divination ornament at level 100!

Dire Portents

In order to complete the Dire Portents seasonal challenge, you’ll need to complete the Exotic quest “Presage” a total of 3 times. The good news is that you don’t have to complete the mission on Master, as it states “Complete Exotic quest “Presage” on Normal or Master difficulty.” Presage is very doable and probably one of the easiest Exotic quests in the game, mostly because of the fact that there is no countdown timer in the Normal version of the mission. So make your way to the Tangled Shore to complete the Presage mission and the Dire Portents seasonal challenge in Destiny 2. After you complete this challenge, you’ll get some more seasonal XP that you can use to up your level in the Season Pass.

Feels Good to Be Bad

Unfortunately for many, we’ve got yet another Gambit challenge. This time you’ll need to defeat Guardians in Gambit – how many, you ask? Well…if you’re looking to complete this seasonal challenge, you’ll need to defeat a total of 40 Guardians in Gambit. Yikes! Not to worry though, you’ll gain bonus progress if you defeat these Guardians as an Invader, so (if you must) equip your Xenophage and take out those Guardians, Guardian! Completing the Feels Good to Be Bad challenge in Destiny 2 will grant you even more seasonal XP as well as some Bright Dust that you can use to purchase various cosmetics in the Eververse store.

Suited For Combat

In order to complete the Suited For Combat challenge, you’ll need to defeat targets anywhere in the system with a full armor set. The number of enemies you’ll need to take out a seemingly massive total of 400 enemies! The good news is that you’ll earn bonus progress for defeating Guardians. It’s important to note that, while the challenge doesn’t specifically state this, you’ll need to wear a full set of the Season of the Chosen seasonal “Praefectus” armor set. Completing this challenge will again grant you some seasonal XP.

…And Fell The Giant

Completing the final seasonal challenge for week 9 of Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 will require you to stagger, pierce, and disrupt Champions. This means you’ll need to hop into any activity with Champions and use those handy Unstoppable rounds to stagger them, Anti-Barrier rounds to pierce Champions’ barriers, and Overload rounds to disrupt Overload Champions. You’ll need to stagger, pierce, or disrupt a total of 50 Champions in any activity. After completing the “…And Fell The Giant” challenge, you will be rewarded with some more seasonal XP as well as a bit of Bright Dust.

Again, it seems that Bungie is winding down Season of the Chosen with even less challenges to complete this week. We started with 10 and now we’re down to half of that. While I understand that players now have access to fully upgrade their War Table, so War Table Reputation is pretty useless now, we only get some XP and Bright Dust from all of these? It just doesn’t really make sense to me why Bungie is winding down this Season so fast, since we’ve still got until May until the end of Season of the Chosen. I’m hoping that next week we’ll get back to the 10 total challenges, or at least 7, with maybe a final round of harder, more rewarding challenges to complete. Wishful thinking, maybe.

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