New Non-Profit Video Game History Foundation Launches to Save the History of Video Games

Now this is a project I think we can all get behind.  The Video Game History Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of games and culture, was recently launched with a mission to save the history of video games.  In today’s world of technology when it comes to saving data and how easy it is, you’d be surprised at just how many games of our past have broken, gotten damaged, or just flat out thrown away as garbage.

What’s also difficult is finding materials surrounding gaming, like magazines, videos, commercials, and early builds of games before their final release.  So even if we wanted to replicate some of the past, it’s as if there is no record of it.  The VGHF is aiming to create a library of digital backups for all of these things. Scanning thousands of magazines and backing up any and all software they can get their hands on.

They even have come across things like internal documents explaining to show employees how to demonstrate old systems. They are hoping to create not just a backup of history, but a historical record of the landscape of entertainment at the time of a game’s release. Check out the video below for their own introduction and information on getting involved.

Via The Chive

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