How to Beat Odogaron in Monster Hunter World

How to Beat Odogaron in Monster Hunter World

How to Beat Odogaron in Monster Hunter World

Classic PS2 game [easyazon_link identifier=”B071G5HZ7F” locale=”US” tag=”tvovermind00a-20″]Monster Hunter World[/easyazon_link] has continued to captivate fantasy fans since its release all the way back in 2004. It has now been released for both PS4 and Xbox One, so a new generation of fans are delighting in its array of mammoth beasts and mega monsters. In late 2018, Monster Hunter World landed on PC for the first time. We’re loving it and we know fans around the world are having fun hunting down the game’s biggest, baddest bosses. One of the trickiest of all is Odogaron, a truly fearsome beast with blood rending claws and a vice like jaw. He’s not easy to defeat but, if you can do it, you get the chance to carve a plethora of items and pick up plenty of cool rewards. We’ve got some great tips and tricks for beating Odogaron and claiming his spoils.

Things to Know about Odogaron

One of the biggest advantages for players is the fact Odogaron can’t fly. It means he’s much easier to take down than some other creatures in the game. To make up for a lack of mobility though, he’s pretty vicious. Odogaron is capable of inflicting a horrid status condition on players. You’ll need a specific type of healing once you’re through but more on that later. This beast is easiest to find in the Rotten Vale, so it’s fair to say even his environment is hostile. Stay on your toes, don’t take big risks and practice your dodging skills on smaller, simpler monsters first. There’s another Odogaron in the Coral Highlands who’s perfect for levelling up with once you’ve developed your skills.

Odograon’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Before approaching Odogaron, most players have already confronted Legiana. At least, it’s highly recommended. Odogaron is vulnerable to ice and beating Legiana gives you access to some highly effective weapons and tools. If you haven’t slayed this boss yet, keep in mind the thunder weapon is a good choice too. You don’t have to wait around for an ice weapon but it will help you vanquish Odogaron a little quicker. Fire and water aren’t very helpful here and neither are dragon weapons. What you can use to your advantage is the fact Odogaron hides close to a lair of paralysing toads. It’s a strange place to build your house if you’re vulnerable to toxic toads but, hey ho, it’s good news for players. Paralysis is one of the most effective tools when fighting this monster.

Whenever you get a chance, use a paralysis weapon against the beast. It should deal Odogaron a harsh blow and possibly stop his advance for a few moments. One thing not to do is use poison. You run the risk of poisoning yourself in the process. When it comes to damage, target the head, legs, front claws and tail. Obviously, the monster’s head is the hardest of these body parts to break; the most punishing attacks will come from here.

We were surprised to find that heavy weapons do make a real difference here. They’re not particularly standout as far as damage inflicted, not when compared with other weapons, but they get the job done just fine. Get Odogaron on the ground with heavy weapons. Then, attack as hard as possible when he’s on the ground and in a vulnerable condition. Don’t forget to focus on breaking off those severable body parts.

Tips for Taking Your Best Fight to Odogaron

Odogaron’s worst attacks come from his quick claw grabs and vicious snapping jaw. Avoid both of these wherever possible. Try to steer clear of face to face confrontations. Odogaron’s jaw and claws will inflict a unique kind of damage on you — a bleeding condition that prevents players from moving at speed. It’s particularly nasty and, while you can still defeat him with this condition, it’s a lot tougher. Once suffering with the bleeding state, you can’t make any sudden movements or you’ll die. You can’t run, attack or dodge with efficiency. The only way to continue fighting is to wait it out. You’ve got to crouch, hide and wait for a first aid option to appear. Only Sushifish and Astera Jerky can cure the bleeding condition. Make sure you have both spare before you start fighting Odogaon.

This mean monster is quicker than he looks and can advance great distances with a well-timed leap or dash. However, he tends to freeze immediately after each attack. When he pauses, deal as many major blows as you can. Then, get out of the way before Odogaron readies his next strike. During the fight, keep a close eye on how he moves. As he usually goes for face to face attacks, look for a subtle shift in direction towards the spot he plans to strike next.

How to Finish Off Odogaron in Style

Odogaron may decide to swipe for your Palico. When this happens, take the opportunity to get more blows in. For extra damage, you can give your Palico the ability to temporarily paralyze this beast. The power can’t be used too frequently but it’s another handy weapon in your arsenal. Don’t forget, once a body part is broken, the fight isn’t automatically over. Odogaron is actually capable of fighting on from a broken part. It has a special counter attack that’s triggered when a severable part is harmed. Now, it’s time to finish this monster off in style. When fighting in the Rotten Vale, you can lead Odogaron towards the toads’ lair. Be careful because a wrong move could result in you getting a hearty dose of toxins as well.

Time your movements carefully. Lure the monster close enough to attack you. Then, trigger the toad and dodge the paralyzing toxins. Once Odogaron is suffering, go to town with your strikes and blows. This should be enough to finish him off and see you through to the end of the fight. All that’s left is to collect your spoils.

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