How The Goldbergs Has Evolved Since Season 1

The Goldbergs is a rather unique series the air is on ABC. When the show started back in 2013, it was something that people really hadn’t seen before. It involved what amounted to a long series of flashbacks about growing up during the 1980s. As a result, this was a show that had everything that was considered iconic during that decade. You could expect to see references to all of your favorite movies and even other television shows of that era, along with seeing the characters dressed up with the clothing and big hair that was so popular back then. Many people that actually grew up during the 1980s were drawn to the show because they did such a good job at recreating that decade that when people saw it, they felt like there was some small part of them that was actually reliving it for themselves.

Typically, the show would advance a year with each new season or in some cases, after a select group of episodes. For example, if you were watching the section of the show that dealt with the year 1984, you could see a natural progression into 1985, so on and so forth. This made it easy to follow the show and it also made it easy to know when your favorite parts were coming next, provided that you had a favorite part of the 1980s that you really wanted to focus on. However, by its very nature, it also meant that the show would have to change as it went on. The way that television is, this wasn’t something that people really thought about for the first couple of seasons because you never know if a show is going to be popular enough to stick around or not until it actually does. That being said, the show has stuck around for a while and now, it’s really quite different than it was when it started because there is no way for it to progress from one season to the next without changing dramatically.

For starters, the kids that play on the show have gotten older. When you couple that with the basis for the show itself, progressing through the years of the 1980s, it only stands to reason that the show would have to evolve. There’s simply no way for it to do anything else. As such, the problems that the kids had have gone from the smaller issues that smaller kids tend to have all the way through teenage angst and in one case regarding the oldest daughter, that ever so lovely transition from high school graduate to finding that first job and trying to figure out one’s place in life.

As a matter of fact, the show now even has its very own spinoff, set during the 1990s, and featuring that character as she goes from being a high school student to a teacher at the very same school that she attended as a teenager. While this show certainly hasn’t had a chance to prove itself as of yet, the initial previews for it were nothing short of hilarious. Clearly, she’s trying to function in a very adult world when she hasn’t quite wrapped her head around what it means to be an adult in the first place. Being in the exact same environment that she ruled as a teenager probably doesn’t help things, but it certainly makes it more interesting for people that are watching.

All in all, the show has changed as everyone on the show has grown and evolved, some of it due to natural aging and some as a result of becoming more comfortable on the show itself. The iconic 1980’s era is now being phased out and it’s time to move into a new decade, the 1990s. It will be interesting to see where showrunners go with this because most people will agree that the 1990s is a far less exciting decade than so many of the decades that came before it. Nevertheless, the show has found itself in this position by the virtue of being good enough to be renewed year after year. It will be interesting to see where everybody decides to go with the story from here on out but if past performance is any indication, you can bet they will figure out a way to make it funny no matter what. You can also bet that dedicated audience members will be sitting right there watching as they do it.

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