How Pete Davidson Helped Alec Baldwin Lose Weight

How Pete Davidson Helped Alec Baldwin Lose Weight

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However it happened it would appear that comedian Pete Davidson inspired Alec Baldwin to lose 100 pounds at some point by stating that, erroneously, that he did 100 sit-ups and 100 push-ups per day, which to some might sound like a lot but is kind of just a warm-up to others. Apparently Baldwin had asked Pete how he stayed so lean and while the comedian probably wanted to answer in a very sarcastic manner he was gracious enough to say something that would inspire Baldwin to start changing his life. The 100 lb. weight loss isn’t exactly confirmed but it does sound as though Baldwin has lost a bit and has changed his diet around a bit since he’s now refraining from eating breakfast and is juicing, which is something that one tends to hear of a lot of people in Hollywood since a lot of folks do have their own diet regimens that sound strange to some folks but tend to work for those that practice them anyway. It sounds odd to cut out breakfast since for a lot of us if we didn’t eat breakfast we might not have the energy to keep going until lunch. Of course, if one takes in the right nutrients and doesn’t exist on sugar and carbs at all hours of the day then things might change after a while.

But one big difference between Baldwin and Pete is that Baldwin is quite a bit older and his metabolism isn’t likely to be working quite as efficiently as Pete’s since the comedian is still in his 20s and is fairly active, which means that of course, his body is going to run a little more efficiently than an older individual’s. But it is possible to stay in shape at pretty much any age so long as people remember to eat right, exercise, stay active, and try not to stress as much. Of course, not stressing about anything is hardly ever possible, especially after 2020, which some people are still trying to shake off at this point. But to think that Davidson’s words carried that much weight is kind of funny since the only thing that Davidson’s words have been able to do is get him into trouble that he doesn’t care about in the past. Saying that Pete is a little controversial is a divisive statement since the fact that he is a comedian and that comedy is able to cross certain lines without the need to make apologies that often is something that many people tend to argue about. From insulting the Catholic church to Republican Dan Crenshaw, Pete often doesn’t watch his words or even think that they’re a problem, and to be fair, when it’s comedy, there’s not a lot to apologize for, but the fact that he stated that he was ‘forced’ to apologize to Crenshaw, an apology he took back during his next comedy show on Netflix, kind of means that he doesn’t really have the integrity that many say he does. It’s all well and good to tell jokes, people can laugh or not listen as they will and it’s all good. But the moment someone offers a false apology and claims that they were ‘forced’ to do it then their word tends to mean very little since they can’t back up their stance without fearing that they might lose their job or reputation or whatever else might be hanging in the balance.

That’s a big reason why taking Pete’s word on anything, be it given sarcastically or seriously, needs to be taken with a big grain of salt since to be realistic if he’s giving out advice it might be best to do the opposite at times. Whatever Baldwin has done to lose weight is obviously working, but giving Davidson the credit might be pushing it just a bit. It’s not a mark against Pete’s character but did admit that he wanted to make a different remark and checked himself instead. But given the fact that he is a comedian and that he almost always has a snappy comeback at hand most times, it does feel as though he might be one of the last people to go to for advice. The idea that this inspired Baldwin to start losing weight though is a positive note and one that should be focused on since it might be more in the way that Alec took Pete’s words that really made a difference. There is the idea that it could have been something else entirely that got Baldwin in the swing of things when it came to losing weight, but the fact that it’s being attributed to Davidson is all well and good if people need to believe that this is what happened. It’s a story about a celebrity losing weight because of what another celebrity said, there’s not a whole lot more to read into it.

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