How in the World Did Peacemaker Become More Valuable Than Wonder Woman?

This is probably up for debate with a lot of fans, but so far, according to critics and the actual ratings, Peacemaker appears to be slightly over Wonder Woman when it comes to the value that he has in the DCEU. If more people are wondering just how in the hell that could have happened don’t look at us or anyone else, it’s a big surprise that wasn’t anticipated, especially since Peacemaker was kind of a semi-serious character that was still easy to laugh at in the most recent Suicide Squad movie. Thus far the laughs have only continued as his show on HBO Max has been hilarious with plenty of drama thrown in to make it look good. But the Peacemaker’s popularity would appear to have more to do with the idea that he’s more or less a regular guy despite his freakish strength and insane gadgets that his father keeps around. He’s shown that he’s human throughout four episodes, and that’s a big mark in any superhero’s favor since way too often they appear to be above it all no matter if they have a tragic backstory or not. 

The deal with Wonder Woman could be due to the idea that she’s an Amazonian princess that willingly left her island home, and whatever struggles she’s had since then have been self-imposed. In all fairness, a lot of what Peacemaker has been through has been the result of his own decisions, but his upbringing has been revealed to be horrendous since not even his own father loves him. This character was taught from a young age how to hurt and kill people, which kind of negates a happy childhood in a lot of ways. He does have memories of his brother and of a few good times together. But once his brother died, Peacemaker’s past became far more turbulent since he lived with a father that didn’t care for him and turned him into a weapon over the years. 

What’s really funny is that the character so desperately wants to reconnect with his father that he tries to go back a couple of times to speak with the man, only to be shown utter disdain and hatred. His father even admitted that he should have killed him when he was born, which isn’t about to win anyone the dad of the year award. Diana, on the other hand, came from a very loving if stern home and was the type of kid that wanted to go out and do everything even if her mother attempted to keep her safe and discouraged her from training for a while. It could be that people are tired of the perfect heroes that have their own issues but are otherwise seen to be well-adjusted individuals that know how to survive and thrive in society without causing any undue ruckus. Peacemaker definitely isn’t close to being perfect, but the feeling is that he wants to be accepted by those he mocks so routinely since he’s laid into Aquaman and Batman thus far in the series, and some of his remarks have been able to hit a little too close to home for a lot of people. The crack about Batman beating up criminals and putting them in prison was particularly savage since it’s hard to argue with. 

It’s still a bit of a shock to think that Peacemaker is this popular, especially since his story is uniquely messed up and it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on. But there is plenty about the show that people are right to think of as interesting since thus far the story has defied expectations and is pushing forward in a manner that has left a lot of people wondering what they’re watching even as they can’t wait for the next episode to arrive. Some of the subject material has been enough to drop jaws and widen eyes since every single character in this series started in one certain way. At this point, all of them have ever dropped a secret or two or have shown that they have the desire or the ability to change, which has created a lot of interesting opportunities. 

But as to Peacemaker being more valuable than Wonder Woman at this time, it’s fair to say that a lot of people would stand up and give their two cents on this matter since Wonder Woman is still a top-tier hero, while Peacemaker is a goofy character that’s proving to be kind of awesome at times. As of now his worth could be tied up in the idea that he’s easier for people to relate to in a way than Wonder Woman is since the character is human and not an immortal that people can’t fully identify with. Plus, the real-world issues that are interspersed with the next-level aspects of this show might have something to do with it as well. 

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