How Have the Reactions Been to Lucifer Season 4?

How Have the Reactions Been to Lucifer Season 4?

Lucifer Season 4

When Lucifer was cancelled after three seasons by Fox fans were devastated. The outcry over this decision was one of the main reasons why Netflix chose to make season four. It had been somewhat of a long wait, but the season premiere was aired in May 2019 and it was not long before fans started sharing their reactions online.

One of the things that has been teased since the renewal was announced was that the boundaries can be pushed a little more on Netflix compared to what they were on Fox. This includes a little more violence, bad language and nudity. Fans definitely found the first episode to be a bit more edgy, and as detailed in The Express this is something that went down well with fans. The highlight for many people was when Lucifer was robbed of all his possessions, including his clothes. The fact that the show is now airing on Netflix meant that fans were given the chance to appreciate Tom Ellis standing naked with his back to the camera.

The main talking point of the first episode was always going to be Chloe’s reaction to finding out who Lucifer really was. It turns out that her reaction was to completely avoid the issue by going on holiday to Italy with her daughter. However, this was never going to be a relaxing holiday as what better place to research the Devil than in Rome, the spiritual home of the Catholic Church.

Another takeaway from the first episode is that there is much more to Father Kinley than meets the eye. He has already stated his intention to destroy the Devil for the good of everyone on Earth and we know that Chloe is involved in his plan somehow. However, it remains to be seen whether Chloe will be able to actually go through with doing anything that could harm Lucifer, given their closeness in previous seasons.

A concern that fans had was that moving onto a new network would shake things up too much and make the show unrecognizable from the one that they fell in love with. However, what the first episode shows, along with the subsequent episodes is that things aren’t actually all that different. There is definitely more of a supernatural feel to the episodes but all the procedural police work that takes place in the show is exactly the same. The most important thing of all though, as Den of Geek points out is that the way the characters react to each other has not been changed at all. We can still see that Lucifer is vulnerable when he is around Chloe, Amenadiel still has a touch of naivety and Ella is still experiencing a crisis of faith.

The main theme of this season seems to be that most of the characters have something that they are not sharing with their friends and family. This is most obvious with Chloe, as even though she keeps telling Lucifer she is at peace with who he really is, and that she only sees him as her partner, this is clearly not true. She is not able to open up to him in the way that she has done in the past and there are even occasions where she flinches at his touch. She also clearly has a problem with Maze being a demon as well. She tells Maze that it is Trixie who is still mad at her but when she learns this is not true from Trixie herself, it becomes obvious that it is Chloe who is struggling to deal with the whole situation. This is something that Chloe will continue to struggle with throughout the rest of the season and it will be interesting for fans to see the journey that she goes on.

In the trailers for the fourth season, it has been shown that one of the new characters to the show will be Eve, the original sinner. She does not appear in the first episode and so fans were left eagerly awaiting her appearance. Those who decided to binge the whole season soon found out that they did not have long to wait for her to show up. We find out that she has been living with Adam in heaven but has started to get a bit bored. She is seeking some of the fun and excitement that led her to being tempted by Lucifer in the first place. It soon becomes clear that she is a love interest for Lucifer and that they have a romantic past. With this history you would expect her to perhaps be seen as the enemy somewhat but this is not the case. All of the characters, even Chloe, seem to not be able to help themselves in finding her extremely likable, which is sure to get fans wondering if she is genuine or whether it is all an act. She was certainly a lot of fun to play, as actress Inbar Lavi explains.

So overall, the transition to Netflix seems to have worked well for Lucifer. It has gotten the seal of approval from fans anyway, not least because of all the extra chances to see Tom Ellis partially undressed. The storyline has followed on in a natural direction from previous seasons, while still retaining all the components that made the show so popular in the first place. At one time, fans were wondering whether they would ever get to see a season four, so to have it happen and to be such a success has been a real bonus for them.

If the first episode has whetted your appetite for things that are still to come in the show, then the whole of season four is now available to stream on Netflix. Sites such as Entertainment Weekly have recapped the whole season and their reaction to it. Fans are already making their predictions about what will happen in season five if the show is renewed again. If the reaction to season four is anything to go by, season five is looking like a distinct possibility.

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