A Legend of Zelda Anime Series is Getting Closer to Reality

A Legend of Zelda Anime Series is Getting Closer to Reality

When it’s said that a Legend of Zelda anime is closer to reality the actual reality of it feels more like it’s taking a step forward, then a step back as those in charge keep trying to decide what to do with it. Some want to make it into a movie, others want to make it into a series, and right now I would have to agree that, even without being a fan of Zelda, that a series would make a lot more sense. There’s simply too much world-building to do for a movie since in the time frame given for a full feature anime movie it’s not possible to get everything that fans would want to see when it comes to the overall story. Trying to pack too much into a movie has been done many times before and has often failed without exception. Amazingly enough, some folks would say to hell with the overall story just to get one tale on the big screen or on Netflix that would wow the people with the presentation of what might amount to a single or two episodes but would cheapen the value of the characters and locations found within it since without a series there’s only so much that one can do. Some would say do it anyway, but in this case, it feels better to say that a series would actually be far wiser simply because it would appease the fans and it would make for a better, and more lucrative showing since while this has been tried in the past and kind of failed, The Legend of Zelda is obviously still a marketable story that people want to see developed as far as it can be, and since the manga appears to work for a lot of folks it feels as though the anime would be perfectly positioned to step up and satisfy the fans yet again.

Why this hasn’t worked yet is kind of hard to say since the idea of someone spilling the beans prematurely being the only reason that it hasn’t gone any further sounds kind of silly given that Endgame was almost ruined by one of the more noted actors and it still went off without a hitch. One idea that’s already in play is to make it an anime for adults but still keep it friendly enough that it’s not given a hard R-rating as other anime have received. The blood, guts, and gore have made other anime shows and movies stand out among the pack, but for Zelda, it would appear that the desire is to make it a little more hard-hitting but still retain enough of the innocence that’s helped it to be acceptable for kids so that families can enjoy it as well. That might be kind of a tall order since family-friendly but adult-oriented can happen but they don’t always mix quite as well with certain stories. The word is that it won’t be the style of animated series that was seen decades ago, which is great since the series that was seen so long ago was pretty goofy even by the standards of that day and age, but it was all well and good for those that were watching it since there was nothing else and a lot of animated series kind of leaned in the same direction since they were made for kids and were supposed to be a bit dampened down when it came to the action and other matters that were dealt with in the show.

There doesn’t appear to be a set date on when this show might appear, since as I mentioned above it sounds as though things are moving at a tip-toe pace and aren’t entirely certain yet. But one thing is certain, and that’s the fact that fans are going to want to see this released eventually, even if that doesn’t always work as a motivational tool. The desire to make this anime is there, but the means and the direction that it needs to go in don’t appear to have been set in stone just yet, which is a big impediment to getting things going. It does feel as though something will break eventually and the series will start up. Who will be voicing the characters is anyone’s guess at this time and how the series will be made to get on its way is also a good question, but according to those that are in the know this series is coming and it should be able to start up at any time, so long as all the ducks are in a row and everything that’s needed to make it happen is going to come about without any further complications. If that happens then it shouldn’t be too long before something comes from this idea. If not, well, it wouldn’t be the first delay it’s ever suffered.

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