High School in China Successfully Recreates Opening to La La Land

High School in China Successfully Recreates Opening to La La Land

High School in China Successfully Recreates Opening to La La Land

Yeah this is something to be impressed by since the choreography seems like it would take a while to really get down. But this high school in China did happen to nail the opening to La La Land, if only in a different venue. I can completely understand not recreating or taking the kids out to a freeway setting however since the liability probably would have been way too high. So they made do with the venue they had, their high school, which actually produced tighter spaces and less room for overall movement but still introduced a different dynamic that was kind of nice. Plus, the entire thing being a dream sequence was pretty cool as well.

La La Land has been hailed as one of the best films of the current era and to be honest I’m just a little surprised since live action musicals have for a long time been something that people tended to shy away from and not really consider as worthy films. Lately though, meaning within the past decade, they’ve been making a comeback that’s kind of interesting to watch since in some cases they’ve been doing this through live action versions of popular cartoons and other various films that might never have incorporated the song and dance routine. But if you really look at it, song and dance has been incorporated in some way in a lot of different movies and has been absolutely loved.

Two good examples are the Blues Brothers, in which there’s a song and dance number at few points in the film, and even The Great Outdoors with John Candy and Dan Akroyd. Granted the latter takes place during the credits and it’s more of a party scene than an actual song and dance routine, but it’s still enough to think that it might count towards this particular point. Then of course most recently the Beauty and the Beast live action film has brought back the iconic songs that were so loved in the original film, bringing them to life in a way that continues to enchant viewers.

The musical experience is awkward for some that just want to see good acting and wonderful for those that like the musical interlude. It’s something that can honestly lift the mood of the film or at least highlight it in a way that regular acting simply can’t do at times. In other words a musical can provide mood elevators in the form of a nice, jaunty song that takes the viewer away for just a moment and allows their emotions to rest so that they can relax midway or partway through the movie. It can also build them up before they ever get into the film, much as this scene seems to do.

The manner in which these students perform the opening scene is so well done that they must have spent a good deal of time rehearsing and getting it just right so that they’d be able to hit their marks without much difficulty. Plus, the synchronization had to take some time as well.

Well done kids, well done.

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