Heroes from the Multi-Verse Assemble to Fight Coronavirus Invasion

Sending in heroes, or fighters more accurately, from all over the multiverse would be a great way to fight something like the coronavirus if it happened to be an extraterrestrial threat, but the group of characters thrown together in this clip is kind of hard to figure out since they’re all so different from each other when it comes to powers, temperament, and skills that one can only think that someone listed a bunch of pop culture figures and affixed it to a dartboard. That being said though it’s still an impressive bunch since it takes some of the most well-known names in pop culture and pits them against the highly altered form of the coronavirus, basically walking mashups of the demogorgon from Stranger Things and an alien species that can infect anyone they breathe upon. Plus their numbers are deceptive since the giant, floating viruses can keep replicating and spewing out more and more troops as they’re needed throughout the fight, though they go down fairly quick when pitted against a few of the fighters. It’s not too hard to think that John Wick would go down eventually since as a regular human his need to breathe and the fact that he has to get up close and personal would hamper him in a big way, just as it would John Cena and Mr. Incredible. Wolverine and Deadpool wouldn’t be too bad off thanks to their healing factors, while Iron Man, One-Punch Man, and several of the others could easily keep the creatures at a distance through various means.

But having Rick as the planner for the group does sound like a hard idea to get behind largely because on one hand it’s a good thing since he is intelligent and knows how to survive and get things done, but on the other hand he’s kind of a loose cannon that’s hard to rely on at times. Thankfully in this clip he was more or less lucid and ready to just get the job done. As far as entertainment value goes this clip had all that and more since watching the different characters fight on the same side instead of wondering just how they’d go against each other was kind of nice for a change as it also can be used as a metaphor for people setting aside any differences they have in the effort to just get the job done and save the day. If there’s any message that needs to be taken from the efforts to get through the coronavirus this is definitely one: it’s not just lip service, we ARE all in this together and it’s up to every last person to do their best to either get through it and pay attention to what’s happening, or to help out in any way possible and help those in need of assistance in these trying times. The fact that Rick and Morty, who are usually only seen as a pair and not always a cohesive one at that, were there to lay out a plan and come up with a way to combat the virus, was kind of impressive since one would almost assume that egos would clash between the heroes and pride would get in the way of doing the job. At least withe some of the characters such a thing might happen, while others might just figure that it’s time to get to work and defeat the virus.

It is kind of a wonder that Wonder Woman was the only female character in the bunch, as Black Widow and Captain Marvel have been seen to be fairly popular in recent years. Plus, why no Daenerys and Drogon? Or would that have tipped the scales a little too much? She did end up being a villain by the end of Game of Thrones so maybe that would be a consideration taken into account if she did come up in conversation. At any rate it’s kind of hard to say just how the characters were selected and why some were left out that would have made more sense, but hey, it was entertaining all the same since one wouldn’t really expect Rick and Morty to do much fighting. But Shaggy was something of a surprise. All in all it was fun to watch and it was kind of a fantasy to think that such a thing as the coronavirus could be destroyed by a cure that would be able to pull an Endgame-type death on it so as to rid the world of the virus forever. At the moment there’s no known vaccine but doctors and scientists are doing what they can in order to find something that will either cure the virus or at least help people fight off the effects. Giving a shout out at the end to all those doing their best to help was a nice touch. Thomas Lake of CNN has more to add to this topic.

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