10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hero Ink

Hero Ink

Reality television shows can become annoying when all you do is watch how families are always fighting or holding expensive baby showers yet are getting paid for doing it. Therefore when you hear that a program will be doing something different, you are bound to get interested. Hero Ink is one such show that dares to go a different route, so learn a few facts about how it does that.

1. It is filmed at Prison Break Tattoos

“Prison Break” is a series that never grows old no matter how many times you watch it, and no other show has ever come close to the thrill it gave us. With Michael Scofield’s upper body covered in tattoos, we got to see how much information can be hidden in tattoos if only done right. Maybe it is this series that inspired Bryan Klevens to name his tattoo shop “Prison Break Tattoos” since he also wants his fellow first responders to pass on some inspiring stories through the work of art. Hero Ink is filmed at the tattoo shop located in Houston, Texas at 5306 Washington Avenue.

2. It is unscripted

Anyone who has tried acting knows the hard work and endless hours it takes to memorize your lines. “Hero Ink” does not need the people featured to memorize anything because it is unscripted, and they say whatever pops up in their mind. Of course, they have to keep the language viewer-friendly, but other than that, they are not limited to what they can say.

3. All the artists featured on the show can relate to the world of first responders

While some of the artists have the experience of being first responders themselves, others do not but instead, have a connection with first responders. Robbie Carson is a firefighter and U.S marine, Rich Verdino is a former NYPD officer, and Tony 4 Fingers is a former U.S marine. On the other hand, Janice Danger is a military wife, whereas Zoey Taylor was rescued by the police when she was a child. The owner of the tattoo shop also is a sergeant with the Houston Police Department.

4. It aims to honor first responders

As Bryan reveals in an interview with Distractify, when he opened the shop six years ago, his objective was to help first responders looking to have tattoos to feel comfortable getting their ink done by people who can relate. While “Hero Ink” only covers such stories, Prison Break Tattoos also gets other customers who are not first responders.

5. Most tattoos revolve around patriotism

Once you have been in the military, you know that you owe allegiance to your country and will fight anyone that tries to destroy it. Hence, it is not a wonder that most of the first responders will choose to have tattoos whose theme is patriotism and Americana, according to Bustle. Further, some of the tattoos featured on the show also include a service animal and personalized memoirs to loved ones. The tattoos chosen depends on the story that the first responders want to tell through them.

6. You can get sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes

Thirty minutes is not enough to get all the exciting details you would like to know regarding the lives of first responders and what has made them choose to get the specific tattoos they want. Luckily, since the artists will be traveling to Houston to film the series, they are willing to let us know what is going on behind the cameras. For instance, according to Female Tattooers, you can check out Zoey’s Instagram account to get a sneak peek of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure the show comes to our screens.

7. It is produced by Matador Content

Matador Content is a production company that has enabled “Lip Sync Battle” and “Boy Band” to be part of our entertainment. It is a full-service content studio founded in 2013 by longtime friends and experienced producers, Todd Lubin and Jay Peterson. It was however acquired by Boat Rocker media in 2018 which enabled the company to have better financing and a global distribution arm.

8. It premiered on June 6, 2019

If you are a fan of tattoos, you will not have to wait any longer because the show has already premiered with its first episode which aired on June 6, 2019, at 10 p.m ET/PT. The premiered date was announced by A&E in April 2019, and the first episode featured sergeant Sean “Sticks” Larkin, who is on “Live PD,” another show on A&E. The sergeant goes into Prison Break Tattoos to get a tattoo that commemorated his years of service.

9. The first season has 12 episodes

Hero Ink has just debuted and the first season contains 12 episodes each one running for half an hour. In the 30 minutes, we get to see the process of getting the ink of the first responder featured as well as the work they do. Getting to know the work they do is a prerequisite seeing that the tattoo the first responders get are inspired by the job that they do. While right now it is too early to say if there will be a second season, maybe the reception the show gets by the time it gets halfway will have the network decide if it is worth ordering for another season.

10. It will air on A&E Network

A&E Network has aired several reality shows that have always been interesting to watch. “Bad Ink” that featured people who had bad tattoos get the covered up by the skillful hands of Dirk and Rob would have made you think twice before going anywhere near the tattoo needles. “Epic Ink” on the other hand, might have motivated you to get your favorite cartoon character on your body, seeing how well Chris and his team performed their work. However, with “Hero Ink,” you see a different side of tattoos; they cannot be used just for fun but also to tell amazing and inspiring stories.

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