Here’s The Last Speech Stephen Hawking Gave Before His Death

The last speech that Stephen Hawking gave before his passing was one that requires a greater understanding of his work by those listening. But it proves what’s been known for some time, that his mind has never been affected by the ALS that he’s dealt with for so many years. The man was absolutely brilliant and showed this in so many ways that his physical infirmity was only ever seen as something that was an undeniable fact but never stopped him from showing to the world that his spirit and his mind had been left intact and were still more than capable of wowing anyone that listened to him ‘speak’. In many ways that’s simply amazing.

This article could go into Hawking’s life but there are so many articles that have already done this that seems as though it might be a minor insult to a man that has already gathered so many accolades that his name will ring out throughout the coming history. His own personal motto that there are no boundaries is enough to state the obvious, that this man did what many would deem impossible and became the kind of individual that showed to millions upon millions that there is absolutely nothing that the human spirit is not capable of. How many people would have given up? How many would have begged for their loved ones to simply let them go? There was no quit in Hawking back then and there was no quit up until the end when he finally passed on.

That alone is something to be proud of, but the heights he elevated himself to became yet another reason to think that this man had discovered the truth of the spirit and just what it took to keep it going. Whether it was his work or his family, or both, Hawking kept his interest in living strong and vibrant as he continued to do what he loved while confined to the form he’d been given and the ailment that had been foisted upon him by fate. Never once did it stop him. For that alone there is a great amount of adoration and respect that is to be given to such an individual. He’s the kind of person that you might model yourself after no matter if you suffer an ailment or not since it’s so obvious that among everyone that has had an issue in life he was one of those that didn’t look at his life as a problem, he looked for opportunities to keep going and to keep making the world a different and possibly better place.

Gaining inspiration from this man should have been a thing of ease. Looking up to him was something that many upon many no doubt considered an honor. And those that had the privilege of working alongside him or at least following in his footsteps should be and likely are grateful for the chance. You don’t see a lot of people like this come along that often, so it’s important to take note when they do.

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