Here’s How Yvonne Strahovski Felt about The Dexter Finale

Here’s How Yvonne Strahovski Felt about The Dexter Finale

Here’s How Yvonne Strahovski Felt about The Dexter Finale

There’s one very important thing that people have to remember about an actor’s thoughts when it comes to a show finally ending: they have no control over it. Their sense of control comes when it’s time to play their character and when it’s time to walk away from the show, but beyond that, the writers, the producers, and the director tend to have the most control over what happens and even the biggest divas don’t get to call the shots on a movie or TV set all the time. But as far as having an opinion of what went down and being listened to, of course, whatever an actor says is going to matter since they were there putting the work in too and as a result, they get to have their day to explain to fans just why things are the way they are. After all, following 8 bloody seasons of Dexter, a lot of fans were expecting to see a more definitive ending that might have been bloodier and ultimately more final than what they received. But seeing how Hannah and Harrison made their way to Argentina and Dexter was presumed dead but popped up in Oregon before the show closed, a lot of fans felt that this was a big kick in the feels that they didn’t deserve. Yvonne Strahovski had a little something to say about it too though.

She did agree that the fans had a solid point when it came to how they felt about Dexter being alone, but she also stated that there was no better prison for Dexter than to be alone after all that he’d done throughout the course of the show. One has to be able to admit that if a real-life Dexter were to ever pop up and somehow be caught, the penalty for what they did would be severe, no matter if he was performing what some might call a public service. But at the end of the day and as it’s been said many, many times before, everyone’s got to pay some price for the things they do, and given everything that Dexter did during the course of the show, one could say he got off light, or they could say that was given exactly what was coming to him since an easily explained death wasn’t bound to be the way that fans wanted it to go down, but a happy ending just didn’t feel like it was in the cards.

The only problem with fans in this case, however, is that they can turn rabid in a heartbeat and try to take it out on the actors for ‘allowing’ such things to happen in the story when the truth of the matter is that the actors have little to no control over what goes into the story and why. There are actors that get to change things up occasionally and can make suggestions that might sound better than what was presented, but that’s not the norm and it’s definitely not what a lot of producers and directors want to hear every time they go to film a show. In fact, that’s usually around the time when a director might start looking for another actor to take on the role or go to the producer and the writers to try and write that character out in a believable fashion. Fans might want to remember that however, a show ends, the actors are the ones that have to go through the motions and make it convincing, whereas the writers are the ones that have to give them the material to work with that they’ll use to make it believable. In other words, getting down on the actor for something they have no control over isn’t smart or rational since like Yvonne has attempted to do, they can wash their hands of it and state that they’re moving on since that’s about the size of it.

Speaking as a fan it’s obvious that we want our favorite shows to end on a high note, but until we’re sat down in the writing room and told to come up with a way that will satisfy thousands to millions of people we don’t really know the kind of pressure that comes with this demand. Sometimes the writers get it right and they knock the ending to a show out of the park, and the actors are given impressive, concrete scripts that don’t require that much work to make come to life. Other times though we get a rush job like Game of Thrones or something apparently unsatisfying like Dexter. Personally I kind of liked the ending since it came with the idea that his story is still fairly open-ended, but the next chapter is all his. There’s something vaguely poetic about that to be sure.

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