Here are All The New Characters in Frozen 2

Here are All The New Characters in Frozen 2

Frozen 2

Frozen 2 is almost here and it’s time to start sorting down the list of new cast members that we haven’t met yet but will soon likely come to know every bit as well as the main cast that people have idolized for the last several years. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf will be making their way back of course, but there’s another slew of people that we’ll also be seeing as they break onto the scene and make their own presence felt since as we’ve been shown in the trailers there’s a world beyond Arendelle that the sisters don’t even know about, and it’s a place that seems to have been sealed away for one reason or another for the safety of the kingdom. Now that it’s been discovered however one can only imagine how much worse for Arendelle things are going to get. They’ve already endured a frozen summer, but now they’ll have to weather something that might actually destroy the kingdom unless the companions can do something.

Courtesy of Thomas Bacon from ScreenRant, here are some of the newest characters to come along.

King Agnar and Queen Iduna

They’re not exactly new characters but considering that they had very little time in the original movie it’s going to be good to see them fleshed out a little bit more so they can be thought of as something other than tragic victims whose deaths would shape Anna and Elsa’s lives. However more is told about the king as his father was a man that sorely mistrusted magic, and was slain in a battle that left his young son scarred on a deeply emotional level. It’s appealing in a way that his approach towards magic was much more gentle, but it does explain why he tried to teach Elsa to suppress her powers.


The leader of the Northuldra, a tribe that has disliked the Arendellians for a long time apparently, Yelena is a woman that has no love for those from the kingdom and is immediately resentful and mistrustful of Elsa after she crosses the barrier that has separated their kingdoms for so long. The issue however is that upon doing this the many spirits and guardians to be found in the wilds are roused from their rest, and as you can imagine this doesn’t sit well with Yelena either.

Honeymaren and Ryder Nattura

It sound as though it takes Honeymaren a little while longer to warm up to Elsa and her companions, but she does so when she hears a lullaby that Elsa is singing. Ryder on the other hand bonds with Kristoff right away over their love of reindeer and the carefree spirit they seem to have in common. These two are said to be of great importance to the Enchanted Forest in which they live and will no doubt be a part of how the whole story comes together.


Thus far it would seem that Mattias is an unfortunate character as he was charged with guarding King Agnarr as a young man but was trapped in the Enchanted Forest when the mists fell. The chances seem good that he’s a loyal soldier that has a very deep-seated resentment towards the Northuldra as he believes that they started the conflict that set their kingdoms at odds with each other. It’s also possible that he might be a very hard-headed character that needs to have his world tipped upside down yet again to make him understand what is going on now.

Elementals and Mystical Creatures

Representing the four key elements, the Elementals and the creatures that awaken with them are a part of the Enchanted Forest that can be benevolent as well as malevolent and are seen to interact with Elsa as it’s been explained, but their true purpose is yet to be determined since if one knows anything about how elements are portrayed in movies it usually has little to do with the idea of good or evil, it’s simply about the purpose that they serve and how they go about it. Some might attribute more human aspirations to elemental beings, but in truth there isn’t a lot of humanity to them since they exist to do what they do based on whatever element they are.

So far this sounds like it’s going to be a fun and very popular movie since the idea is that it will easily break the $100 million mark very quickly. That seems pretty ambitious but then a lot of people didn’t know much about Frozen when it first came out and by the time a year or two had passed the movie had become a certified phenomenon that millions upon millions of people had come to enjoy. The hope is that this will be the same, but for different reasons as the story is being pushed forward and given a whole new outlook that could open it up quite a bit.

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