10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Gay

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Gay

Heather Gay is one  of the breakout stars of RHOSLC. And it’s no surprise that so many Bravo tv viewers love her!

Bravo tv has become synonymous with reality Tv, creating numerous Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-offs in locations like Miami, Dubai, Orange Country, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City. Here are the real housewives franchises rated from worse to best

@heathergay on Instagram

Credit: @heathergay on Instagram

Filled with family drama, thriving businesses, and crime, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is one of Bravo’s most successful shows. Heather Gay is a fan favourite. She doesn’t hold back and says exactly what is on her mind, whether you will like it or not. But there is more to this former Mormon that even her fans don’t know about. 

Keep reading to learn 10 facts you didn’t know about Heather Gay from The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

1. She Was Raised In The Mormon Church

Like other cast members on the show, like Lisa Barlow and Whitney Rose, Heather was born and raised in Salt Lake City and was brought up in the Mormon church. Heather considers herself to be a “purebred, pedigreed, pioneer Mormon.” But recent changes in her life, including her divorce, left her no choice but to leave the Mormon church and community. The only life she has known for years.

2. Her Family Doesn’t Support Her Decision To Do The Show

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Gay

Credit: @heathergay on Instagram

The Mormon faith is known for its conservative nature, so it’s not surprising that Heather’s family doesn’t support her decision to share her personal life on reality TV. In fact, some of them even feel that she has betrayed their faith. And it has strained her relationship with her mother. Although she didn’t want most of her family members on the show, we’ve got glimpses of her daughters and cousins who came to support her over the four seasons. Her daughters support her decision and just want her to be happy.

3. Heather Gay  Has A Great Time Filming RHOSLC

Filming a reality show is a different experience for different people. Some end up hating it and feeling exploited, but Heather was an exception. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did she have a great time getting to be around her cast mates, but she also relished working with the crew. They’ve been on numerous trips and met many interesting people over the years on the show.  But does she still feel the same way now, after three seasons and tons of fighting among the cast? We still don’t know how she got a black eye during a trip with Jen Shah and the rest of the cast.

4. She Is an Author

@heathergay on Instagram

Credit: @heathergay on Instagram

On an episode of the RHOSLC, Heather Gay announced that she is writing a memoir about her time in the Mormon church. The book’s title? Bad Mormon! Obviously, she was going for the shock factor, but she wanted to chronicle her life as part of the church and being a mother in that environment. Heather has never shied away from speaking about her split from the Mormon church. The book is now available if you want to read it.

5. She Initially Didn’t Know She Was Filming For A Real Housewives Show

When filming for the show began, Heather didn’t know that she was actually going to be part of the Real Housewives franchise. During an interview with Heavy, she said, “We thought it was a business show about women, so we didn’t even realize it was Housewives until late October, just two weeks before they announced it.” Do you think she would have accepted if she had known?

6. Heather Gay isn’t Worried About What People Say About Her

Heather has already faced backlash from her family for participating in the show, and there’s no doubt viewers will have plenty to say about her too. Despite this, Heather isn’t concerned. She did her utmost to stay true to herself during filming and not let any negativity bring her down.

7. She’s A Business Owner

@heathergay on Instagram

Credit: @heathergay on Instagram

Heather Gay and Andrea Robinson created Beauty Lab + Laser, a cosmetic medical practice to empower women without worrying about the misogyny and judgment that is common in the self-improvement industry. Heather wanted her customers to be comfortable, and to feel seen and heard by the medical practitioners taking care of them. And the business is really successful, with great reviews online and among regular clients.

8. She’s Single

Heather isn’t technically a housewife, but she was one at one point. She has chosen to remain private about her ex-husband, but we know he is part of the Gay family who founded Huntsman Gay Global Capital in California. Heather and her ex have three daughters together.

@heathergay on Instagram

Credit: @heathergay on Instagram

Getting divorced is frowned upon in the Mormon community, so the end of her marriage has been difficult for Heather to cope with. Although he doesn’t constantly appear on the show, Heather’s ex made an appearance when she was launching her business.

9. Her Ex Husband Comes From A Very Wealthy Family

The renowned Gay family is very well-known in the Mormon community. Heather’s ex-husband’s grandfather was a chauffeur for billionaire Howard Hughes. Upon Hughes’ passing, he bequeathed a portion of his estate to the Gay family, who have been prosperous ever since.

10. She Supports The #FreeBritney Movement

Beyoncé isn’t the only pop star that Heather is a fan of. She’s also a big Britney Spears fan and, like many others, believes that Britney needs to be saved from her conservatorship. In an article on Bustle, Heather said, “For her [Britney] to now have a conservatorship is absurd. No one’s beyond redemption and no one should be treated like that and micromanaged. I think if we set Britney free, we’ll see what she can really do.” And we are glad that Britney is now free from her conservatorship and living life on her terms.

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