The Five Most Heartbreaking Deaths from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

It was pretty tough to choose which deaths had the capacity of causing an uproar since a lot of people tend to like a few of the legends and a few of them are more loved than others. But thanks to Fandom there were plenty to pick from and there were a few that seemed just a bit more meaningful than others in terms of shock value and how they were handled within the show. Brianna Reeves of CBR is right when she says that the Arrowverse holds no qualms about killing off some of the most beloved characters, but people have at least gotten used to seeing some of their favorites bite the big one when it comes time. Of course given the magic of TV and the comics it’s usually seen that some of them are brought back for another go-around, which means that deaths in the comics don’t mean much. Steve Sunu, also of CBR, is able to attest to this since he points out just how DC and other comics, and even their shows, tend to treat death as kind of a joke.

With that said however, here are five of the most heart-breaking deaths in Legends of Tomorrow.

5. Rip Hunter

Self-sacrifice is usually what gets a person remembered no matter what they were like in the first place since it’s one of the most selfless acts that a person can perform. Some might say that Rip wasn’t the best guy in the world but he did know how to make a dramatic turn when he needed to, especially when there was an enemy or a situation that called for something other than just the token heroism that so many have practiced in the past. One thing about any character that has at least a bit of redemption left to their name is the fact that eventually you’ll see them do the right thing, or try.

4. Atom

Ever wonder how some heroes stay alive when their enemies are just so ridiculously overpowered? For the Joker it’s just too much fun to play with Batman to ever kill him, while for other villains it’s simply a case of having a micro-conscience or a poorly conceived plan that doesn’t allow them to succeed. But when a villain has the ability to shut down a superhero it’s rare that you see them do it in such a gruesome and simple way as you see in this clip. Really, a guy with super speed should be able to do pretty much anything he wants to those that don’t have the same skill set, especially since he’ll be nothing but a blur to their senses.

3. Firestorm

Heroism is definitely more than just taking on the bad guy, it’s also taking on the responsibility of helping others, and self-sacrifice is quite obviously one of the biggest things that any hero could ever possibly do. You might think that there was a way to thwart this attack without resorting to sacrifice, but at this kind of range there’s not a whole lot that could be done to stop that arrow short of throwing yourself in front of it. Plus, a guy that has this kind of aim could no doubt pinpoint just where he wants to put it, which is why it doesn’t seem at all ludicrous to think that it would be lethal even if he had to suddenly shift his target.

2. Captain Cold

It’s kind of like beating a dead horse at this point but quite honestly sacrifice is sometimes the best option for a character as their arc has either run out or they’re simply the type of character that’s looking to go out in the most dramatic way possible. Keeping others safe and getting them to safety, or instructing them to run to safety, is often the plan for many heroes and even some reformed villains at times, but the act of doing this tends to confuse some people since it seems that they should be able to survive if they took a different tactic. Of course the writers tend to put in scenarios that follow a story line that is tragic simply because it needs to be this way.

1. Felicity

This is kind of brutal to be honest, since not only does she end up injuring herself to the point where she’s unable to run any longer, but her antagonists are under orders to bring her in alive, not necessarily in one piece. That being said the fall down the stairs is just as brutal and the final, neck-snapping twist is something that might have sent some people into shock as they stared at their TV’s, trying hard to figure out what just happened.

Like I said in the beginning though, there’s almost always a way to bring a hero or a villain back and it’s just a matter of time until it’s figured out.


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