Hawaii Five-0 Season 5 Episode 20 Review: “Ike Hanau (Instinct)”

Hawaii Five-0

In this week’s Grover-centric episode of Hawaii Five-0, the former SWAT captain chooses instinct over friendship. This may be Grover’s most personal case ever, and the lines have never been more blurred.

Grover’s old friend comes to Hawaii to celebrate his 20th anniversary with his wife and all seems well at first. Grover gets a call from his friend Clay the next morning after a night of celebrating, saying that his wife fell from a cliff and died. Grover appears to be consoling Clay, but the look on his face tells a different story. Though the friend in him doesn’t want to go there, Grover can’t shake the feeling that something about the situation doesn’t feel right. Steve thinks Grover is reaching since there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Clay pushed his wife, but Grover’s intuition is screaming that something is very wrong.

Sure enough, little pieces, though circumstantial and theoretical, of things that should have been heard during Clay’s wife’s fall, begin to shake out. With no motive and no evidence, the team is unconvinced. So Grover tells a story from his past that proves that Clay is all too good at lying, and what’s more, lying in a way that makes himself look good. The team agrees to at least look into the case as a possible homicide, and Grover even pulls his wife in on his theory. At first, Grover’s wife is horrified that her husband would even think something like this, but she comes around because she’s learned to trust her husband’s instincts as well.

Sure enough Grover ends up arresting Clay on the basis of Clay having an affair for over a year. He also makes the point that Clay purposely killed his wife in Hawaii counting on the fact that because Grover is his oldest friend, he wouldn’t suspect any foul play. That’s not the game Grover is playing, because even though he has no solid evidence that Clay is a murderer, he promises Clay that he will tear his life apart piece by piece until he does find everything he needs to put Clay away.  It’s a hollow victory for a man who lost two friends in one day.

Simultaneously, Danny works with Dr. Shaw on another dead body while the rest of the team assists Grover. In the middle of transporting a body, Danny and Shaw get stuck in an elevator. For most people the idea of being stuck in a tight space with a dead body would be the creepy part, but Danny has extreme claustrophobia. Dr. Shaw talks Danny down from the ledge and the two prove to be a good team at getting work done in a small space. Their case ends up being open and shut. Not as fantastical a storyline as Grover’s was this week, but it’s always nice to see team bonding.

Who else was impressed by how steadfast Grover was in the face of so much doubt? It’s a good lesson that basic instinct shouldn’t be ignored.

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