Hans Zimmer Performs from the Movie “Inception” Live at Coachella

When you think of movie scores names don’t get bigger than Hans Zimmer.  About the only guy who is as big as Zimmer would be John Williams but I would say these two guys completely rule the movie scoring world.  My personal favorite is Thomas Newman but there’s no taking away from a guy like Zimmer who is a total legend.   Other names that pop up would be Jerry Goldsmith, Bill Conti, James Horner, the list goes on.

Anyway, when you think of festivals like Coachella I think the last thing you think of are guys that are famous for scoring movie soundtracks, which is why I wanted to share this video with you. There will probably be plenty of Coachella clips coming up on this site today but how often do you get a guy as gifted as Hans Zimmer performing some of the score from one of the movies he worked on.  In this video you’ll get to have a look at Hans Zimmer and an extraordinary accompanying orchestra perform musical sounds from the movie Inception.   The lighting here is amazing and I can only imagine if I were there I’d probably feel like I were inside the movie itself.

This must have been a welcomed surprised for Coachella fans.  I know it would have been for me.  Check out the video below:


And here’s a bonus of Zimmer performing from Pirates of the Caribbean


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