10 Things You Didn’t Know about Haley Pham

Haley Pham

Haley Pham is a social media star who rose quickly to fame despite the fact she is only 18-years-old. She is a vlogger, and she has approximately 2 million subscribers, or people who follow her work and watch her videos on YouTube regularly. She has been a public profile for a while now, and she’s not immune to things like criticism and fans who are not happy with her. She went from popular to questionable after she uploaded a very specific vlog about a trip she took, and it seems that people have now decided to give her a few labels of their own, and it’s nothing flattering. You can see for yourself what you think of this young woman as you get to know her here a little better.

1. She’s a Little Sassy

If there is one thing you need to know about Haley Pham, it’s that she is a bit sassy. People like her because she’s honest and outspoken, and she is always saying that she’s “Sorry, mom” on her vlogs. She’s what you might call the epitome of a teenager going through all the teen angst stuff.

2. Her Sass is What Fans Like

Fans love that she’s sassy. It appears that she likes to have this attitude for her fans, too, and it’s what makes them see her for who she is. She’s unapologetic about her life and the way she chooses to live, and that’s a nice thing for her. It’s also rare at this age.

3. She’s Changed Her Vibe in the Past Two Years

When she first started her channel and began vlogging, she used her channel to post beauty stuff and other lifestyle videos. She has changed it up a bit though, starting in 2018. She entered her senior year of high school, and she decided to vlog more about her life than the things that are related to beauty and other unimportant things in her opinion.

4. She’s Got An Apparel Line

She’s got an apparel line called “Girly Pop Apparel” and it’s doing well. She focuses on that, and it continues to grow for her. She calls her fans her “Phamily” and they are good to her in that they like to support almost anything she does even if it’s not what most of us might be looking for.

5. She’s Being Called Entitled and Privileged

In late 2019, she took a trip to Greece and Italy, and she vlogged about the experience. This was probably a paid trip from a company who wanted to gift her these things to have her speak of them on the internet and get fans to do the same — but we cannot verify that for certain. She complained nonstop in a 35 minute video about how much she hated the trip to two beautiful countries, how much she hated the airline she flew on, how much she did not like the Greek island of Santorini — and even told her followers never to visit. Her fans disliked her video and began calling her names that are not very flattering.

6. She Went on the Trip with Her Boyfriend

This is a young woman who went on a three week trip to Greece and Italy with her boyfriend. She complained the entire time that the trip was not good, that the islands were too touristy and not at all like the vloggers and bloggers make it seem, and that she wasted tons of money on her flight and on the hotel room she and her boyfriend had when they were in the country. She claims she lost more than $10,000 because of the trip.

7. She Says Contracted a Sexual Disease Even Though She’s Not Sexually Active

On the trip she hated so much, she claims she even came home to find out she has what might be an STD, or at least a vaginal issue, that she contracted while in the country. She claims that it’s from the country and something she did there since she is not sexually active — even after spending three weeks in a hotel room with her boyfriend — and then she claimed she’s pure and that it’s not fair for her to suffer from this, which caused her fans to question whether she was saying it’s completely fair for anyone active to get this health problem. It wasn’t a good look for her.

8. She’s A Dancer

She is an avid dancer, and she spends a lot of time talking about her love of it on her vlog. One of her most famous videos is of her dissing dance moms and how bad they are, specifically talking about people like the famed Abby Lee Miller of the show “Dance Moms,” which has garnered her many followers and subscribers and views.

9. She’s Dating a Fellow YouTuber

She is dating another famous YouTube star by the name of Ryan Trahan. They have been together since 2018, and they even decided to launch another YouTube channel of both of them all the time. He’s a runner, and he attended college at Texas A&M University. She’s from Austin, so their Texas roots are keeping them pretty close together. He has launched a few businesses of his own, called Neptune Bottle and Hydra Collective. They are both entrepreneurs.

10. She’s Got a Big Following Everywhere and is Starting a Podcat

It’s not just YouTube where she has many subscribers. She’s got more than two million on that specific channel, but she is very close to having almost 900,000 followers on Instagram. There was an article that stated she had nearly 950k followers recently, but we cannot verify if that is accurate or if she lost a lot of followers after her outrage over her trip to Greece not being what it was in her mind. But, she’s now launching a podcast coming out this week, and we suspect there are plenty of people who will be more than happy to get this on their playlist soon.

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